Photos: Shoreline sections of the road to Cabot Head lighthouse suffered badly this past winter. Parts of the roadway were washed away and beach stone has been tossed up on what remains. 

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula has a choice to make — invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the road, knowing that one good easterly blow would rinse it away again, or find a way to make do without a road to Cabot Head. 

In the interim, the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory has asked that they be permitted to use the roadbed as an ATV trail or single-lane road to access their research station at Cabot Head. (Whether or not that facility is permitted to open under last week’s provincial announcement is not clear at press time.)

Photo credits: Troy Cameron, MNBP Public Works
Photo Credit: Zach Rodgers Photo: May 1, Lion’s Head, Ontario – Coast Guard vessel Samuel Risley deploys navigational buoys as part of their annual spring delivery.