Joint Statement #3 from the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula AND the Peninsula Family Health Team – April 9, 2020

Media Release

COVID-19 Response as of April 9, 2020

As we enter our third week of the pandemic, the enormity of its impact is starting to hit all of us. The information released from the Premier of Ontario and the Prime Minister of Canada over the past several days has been hard to hear. It makes us worry about our friends, our family, our neighbours and our community as a whole.

We continue to hear that the next two weeks are key.

We regularly get asked how many cases have been reported in our community. We receive the same daily updates from the Grey Bruce Health Unit that many of you follow through the media. Our community focus should not necessarily be on the number of positive cases of COVID-19. All projections seem to indicate that we are expecting the numbers in our region to increase over the next couple of weeks. The most important statistic that we should all be focusing on is how many people in Northern Bruce Peninsula are continuing to self-isolate and practicing social distance. It is this metric that will help us minimize the impact of COVID-19 in our community.

Working in partnership with Public Health, the health focused agencies on the Peninsula are working hard to get the necessary people, PPE and resources in place so that they can provide medical care in our community for those who are COVID-19 positive.

Last week, the Premier of Ontario stated that “If we’re going to beat this enemy, we need to remember this virus doesn’t spread on its own. When we limit contact with one another…the reach of this virus slows down.”

The Easter weekend is often celebrated as the start of many spring activities. With nice weather comes the desire to get outside. And while it is good to get a little physical activity on your own, don’t be tempted to venture out in a group, stop by to visit friends or family, or avoid addressing ill-like symptoms.

We are working closely with all levels of government to ensure that the concerns of rural communities like ours are not lost during provincial and regional pandemic preparedness planning. Our limited health human resources and health facilities will be at a severe disadvantage if our local population swells due to day-trippers, seasonal cottagers or visitors.

This weekend, we must remain firm in our convictions. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay hopeful and stay home!

Milt McIver, Mayor Dr. Elaine Blau, Lead Physician