Letter: Same Signs, Problems & Conversation No Matter What Country!


Visiting Veracruz, Mexico you see many signs (Keep our Planet Clean) displayed throughout the streets. Veracruz attracts mostly Mexican families who wish to enjoy the beaches and business individuals in the car industry and sea transport. For a time, visitors were not showing up because of the garbage on the streets, at the Malecon and on beaches. So, the new mayor decided to start a campaign to keep Veracruz clean by displaying signs, making garbage cans easily accessible, and having public workers clean the streets and beaches. The visitors came back! Street cleaners were on the streets at 6:00 AM before it was even daylight and trucks were picking up garbage on the beaches. 

How can we instill more people to reduce, reuse, recycle and RESPECT? By being consistent, persistent and always being visual with regards to the message.

Yes, the hotel was aware of how we can protect the environment. Use of Eco straws, changing sheets and towels only when asked, and use of plastic water bottles that are made 100% by other bottles (Ciel by Coca Cola). Does this sound familiar?? In our area one can buy “Boxed water”. Visit www.boxedwaterisbetter.com for more information. Our community is attempting to save our environment whether it be businesses, restaurants, individuals or government. KUDOS!!! 

KEEP THE BRUCE CLEAN & GREEN (KTBC&G) has two travelogue presentations in regards to how the heart of Europe and Copper Canyon, Mexico address the trash issues. One is called “Traveling the Heart of Europe Through a Trash Can’s Eyes” and the other is called “KEEP THE BRUCE CLEAN & GREEN Visits Copper Canyon, Mexico”.

We would be glad to present either one of these to schools and/or adult groups free of charge. These quirky travelogues intermingle great photos with “trashy” photos.

When visiting Veracruz, the 1st Annual Climate Change Conference was held at our hotel by the Procuraduria de Proteccion al Media Ambiente (Attorney General Office for Protecting the Environment). The conversation of climate change is also occurring in Tobermory (Sources of Knowledge), Owen Sound (Climate Action Team (CAT)BGOS- Liz Zetlin), BPEG-Lion’s Head, and in our schools (Climate Change Club).

There is an awakening that “For Earth’s Sake – Respect It” before it is too late. Please continue to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect and NOW RETHINK! 


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Angie Beutel,