Letter: Possible STA Compromise – Let’s Issue Permits Rather Than Change Bylaws


Based on inputs from those for and against STAs, I think it is the performance of each STA that is at issue. To me it sounds like there are several neighborhoods in which the STAs and surrounding residences have lived well together whereas there are others in which the STAs have been “disruptive” (for lack of a better word). 

Cottage renting has always taken place in North Bruce, we should not therefore penalize those who have operated in the past without issue. My suggestion, therefore, is rather than change bylaws (which would take enormous effort, create a lot of dissidence and be permanent) grant STAs 5-year operating permits. The permits would be granted as long as residence in a 500 feet radius of the STA property approve the operation. I suggest a 500 ft radius as, in my experience, is the distance directly impacted by the performance of the STA operation. Based on various comments, I would expect many of the STAs currently would be overwhelmingly approved by their neighbors. 

 I am not an expert at administration but how this would be managed is that an STA would, through the municipality, request a permit and present how they will operate in the neighborhood (e.g. number of times renting, number of renters, etc). The municipality would then, through mailing of taxes owing, newsletters, etc. advise the residences of the STA requests and ask for those in the 500 ft radius to accept or reject the permit. If this system is implemented this year, it would probably be for 2020 to 2025 with 2020 and 2021 being grandfathered.

Love to hear from both sides if this is an acceptable compromise.

David Reynolds