Letter: “Buskers’ Stage” in Lion’s Head – A New Venue En Plein Air

The new “Buskers Stage” at the Rotary Hall on Main Street in Lion’s Head is a great addition to a musical community.

Who would have thought, that on Thursday afternoon, when I zipped into Lion’s Head to pick up RV toilet treatment for my old Airstream, that I would be treated to a fabulous trio of street musicians in front of the Rotary Hall. Comfortably perched in a little Theater Box, soon to be powered by solar energy, were the members of “1/2 Way North”. Two fiddles and one guitar, Dominic Franken, Trace McKay and Steven Woeller entertained a small crowd of very happy and lucky music lovers.
While sitting in the sun or shade with access to fast internet wi-fi close to the passing traffic. The close harmony, quirky and beautiful songs were thoroughly enjoyed. Some were original compositions as well. “I Dreamed about Jim” features the lives of musicians in “Big Bay” which depicts an open mike band where everyone is treated equally, was quite interesting. Refreshments are available as well.
Others on tap throughout the summer include Dan (Corcoran) the Piano Man, John Baker, The Ferndale Flats and Sharps, Rod Layman, Maddie Perrault, and many more.
We all know the Bruce Peninsula is bursting with talent, but now we have a new venue en plein air! With the traffic slowing down to gawk, we happy souls were tapping our feet to the lively tunes and listening to the engaging lyrics ….one a song by Queen!….with a free music lessons thrown in for excitement. Even the heckler was entertaining! Batting about music theory I felt happy being in the midst of musicians who actually knew what they were doing.
So, if you are in Lion’s Head check out the Busker’s Stage and see who is performing just for you! And if you are a musician who likes auditioning to anyone who cares to listen, then this is your venue!
Barbara K. Bobo (Hope Bay)