Letter: Citizens Of The Bruce Must Get More Involved


Citizens of the Bruce must get more involved! Make calls, send letters attend Council meetings, question whether you are truly being represented! In issue #11 of the Bruce Peninsula Press, written by John Francis, it is with great disappointment that I read that Councillor Golden stated that she “thinks we’re at a tipping point with National Parks and the community and that Council must stick up for residents and businesses”! She appears to be referencing the Bruce Anchor Cruises conflict.
No one on Council has talked to, or surveyed me or any of my neighbours. How can Councillor Golden speak on our behalf? Maybe a survey should have gone out to gather concerns from residents before motions were presented to Council.
The purpose of this letter is NOT to give my opinions on matters like the Big Tub Resort/Bruce Anchor Cruises conflict. I have heard contradicting scenarios about the legalities of the property owner’s rights. However, motions are being made and voted on without due diligence being done by our entire Council! Concerns related to Big Tub Road traffic are totally ignored. Big Tub Road was not designed or built to handle even the current traffic volume!
Perhaps we need a “town hall” type meeting on Councillor Golden’s statement about “being on the tipping point with Parks and the community”. A town hall forum would be much more informative, effective and fair for all.
Some basic procedural/operating matters require our attention!
Councillor Golden should have recused herself on the basis of a “conflict of interest” as she is directly related to the business owner, to which she is referencing. Well that didn’t happen! Unlike G. Salen, who respectfully recused himself when helicopter recommendations were discussed in past years. Or T. Hayes who recused himself on several personal business issues. It is apparently, up to the individual Councillor based on their ethics.
The Keep The Bruce Clean & Green group was created because people were fed up with having to pick up everything from dirty diapers to food/drink waste from ditches in front of their properties. If the Municipality had more containers that were emptied more often, that would be a huge help (KTBC&G outlined the problem areas for the municipality over a year ago ie. boardwalk around the harbour, along and the end of Big Tub Road…but to no avail). In fact, this year we have less waste containers and no porta potties, NOTHING at the end of Big Tub Road or along the town’s boardwalk (only at the end of Earl Street by the Grandview)!
A municipal employee in the works department told me that the Big Tub area is Parks Canada’s property and Parks Canada says it is Municipal property?! The Municipality has serviced the area for at least the last 25 years that I know of. It collects money for parked cars on Big Tub Road, but it isn’t their property?
Some might say, good luck getting more containers, what good is it anyway, the Municipality doesn’t have the staff to empty them (per Marshall Tigert’s statement, in the same referenced article).
Thanks to local residents who care, we do regularly empty our green bags. I would rather dispose of my green bag than go ditch diving!
Further, with respect to Marshall Tigert’s response that “no one applied” for summer-student, work crew jobs, I wonder if the municipality has researched the “why?” to this statement. Was it posted extensively? For example, at the local high school, the college or universities where local students study, on the Municipal web site, on social media sites, or on public boards like the Post Office board etc? If “yes” to the proper posting procedures, don’t stop there. Ask “why didn’t students apply?” Have other reasons been addressed? For example, wages, housing or transportation issues. THINK ABOUT SOLUTIONS! Maybe some residents could be paid for billeting students. Or, maybe the municipality should hire an outside company to deal with the area if they can’t manage it themselves. South Bruce Peninsula does that for Sauble Beach.
Why not use the revenue from paid parking and make something happen? Specifically, where is this money being spent? The inference that student workers didn’t apply, so it can’t happen, is down right appalling and unacceptable!
What’s next? Well let’s get more involved and then at least we will know!
Concerned Resident,
Deryn Harkness