Letter: Appreciation For Work on Affordable Housing in Tobermory; Two Houses Now Occupied


The following letter was sent to Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services Property Management regarding the geared to income housing in Tobermory.
Attn: Tracy Karasiewicz, Operations Support Coordinator
Re: Affordable Housing in Tobermory
I would like to extend my appreciation for your response to my letter of March 19 asking your agency to expedite the repairs to unoccupied houses in Tobermory, especially in light of the shortage of housing we have in our area.
I would especially like to mention Justin Lewis, of Infinity Property Services, who followed up quickly by email and then in person to ensure what work needed to be done, and expedite same.
As you know, two of these houses are now occupied by families who are grateful to find housing in their home town. I have also noticed that the third house is currently having work completed. Again, thank you for you attention to this matter.
Laurie (Smokey) Golden
MNBP Councillor
Tobermory, ON