In The Garden: Hints from a Mrs. Gardener Beginnings of the Bury Road Garden continued…

Submitted by Joan Regan

Looking out into our yard with all those Junipers and scrub trees gone was 3/4 of an acre of Yuck. It was overwhelming. “What have we done”. “Oh my, where do we start?” So out came the heavy duty CNR pry bar and the big tough shovels and this gal soon learned what a fulcrum was. Looking back, I can’t believe that we moved some of those massive rocks! No plan, no ideas, just pry, dig, shove, and even a few choice words. However, we soon started to see an area that maybe could be a little spot to sit in. A few chairs, maybe a picnic table, hmmm.
Let’s put in a garden. Well… one went in – a big, huge, oversized, massive garden. A rock border from all the smaller rocks we had dug out, no shape just big. Following that a small fortune was spent buying plants to fill this area, another fortune purchasing peat moss. Well that sure messed everything up. So then numerous bags of soil went in. Not having a clue what I was doing, it took some time to realize that I needed a truckload of soil. And all those plants I bought and planted liked sun, and I didn’t have any. Just shade and part shade. So, sold all the plants and slowly started looking at the boring shade plants. They weren’t any fun. BUT the annuals were. Ha! I’ll fill the pots with lots of colour and pop them all around. It was looking better, just not magazine worthy yet.
One day while attacking the weeds, spending a long time on my hands and knees and getting sore, I stood up and it looked like I had cut a path through the garden. Thankfully bells and whistles went off in my head and I thought “YA! Why not paths?” So our huge, oversized garden was now six much smaller ones, and the YUCK was developing its own personality and I loved it!
Some of the pretty large rocks got bullied into these gardens, and I discovered what a focal point meant. I was slowly realizing that shade plants had their own personality and their foliage was indeed very pretty. And then I discovered HOSTAS… Wammo I was hooked.
Initially the Hostas all went in under the trees, but slowly the roots from these trees began to swallow all my pretty Hostas and a sweet lady named Virginia introduced me to ground cover. All the Hostas got dug up with most going into large pretty containers and put back where they were sitting on the pretty ground covers. Frustration and cursing solved.
Ferns – Ha, Ferns love shade and I like Ferns. It didn’t take long to discover which ones did not like my garden, and I went with the happiest ones.
The Bury Rd Garden was becoming a true garden. No more Yuck. It was peaceful, tranquil, and spiritual. I was in love with our yard.
Remembering something that a very nice lady wrote in our guest book: “You’re nearer to God’s heart in a Garden than anywhere else on earth.” There are good vibes back there. I feel them in the morning when I have my second cup of coffee, and in the evening when taking my stroll. The birds are the only sounds I hear, peaceful and serene, our little Bury Rd. Garden.
Happy Gardening,
Joni 519-596-2389