First Girls Soccer Team in 30 Years at BPDS

Bruce Peninsula District School Girls Soccer Team.
Submitted by Ethan Parker and Jasmine Brough

The soccer season kicked off this May for the BPDS Panthers. It was a special year for BPDS, because for the first time in 30 years, there was a girls’ team as well!
Coaches Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Myles and Ms. Stanton did an excellent job getting everyone signed up and facilitated practices. With boys’ and girls’ teams, it meant half of the student body was signed up for soccer. Out of 60 high school students, 38 students were involved in the soccer program!

Bruce Peninsula District School Boys Soccer Team.

Panthers travelled to games at Peninsula Shores District School, and Georgian Bay Community School, while having several home games in between.
The girls leading scorers were Jasmine Brough, Maizy Hutchinson, and Avery Hutchinson. Girls team captain Avery Hutchinson said, “Being on the first girls’ soccer team in 30 years was honorable”. The boys leading scorers were Sacha Oke and Nathan Naves. Mason Arps made a point of mentioning: “It was a neat experience to leave the school with our friends and compete against other schools with a lot of rep players”.
Despite playing during cold and rainy days, everyone kept a good attitude. The girls team managed to take their first win against Peninsula Shores District School, beating them two-nothing. Multiple referees gave praise to BPDS students and staff for the incredible effort. For a school so small, it is remarkable to have such participation and dedication for sports teams like this. It truly attests to our school spirit. Go Panthers!