In The Garden: Hints From a Mrs Gardener – Natural Remedies

Submitted by Joan Regan

I have had several requests for the following natural remedies that are safe for the environment, ourselves, and our pets.
• WEEDS: Boil together till dissolved 1 C salt, 4 lt white vinegar, let cool then add 1 tsp dish det, 2 tbs cooking oil. Keep in a spray bottle. Spray weeds daily till weeds are brown, then when needed if they’re stubborn.
• BUGS: 1 tsp Blue Dawn,1 tbs vegetable oil, 1/2 tsp Baking Soda, 2 lt water. Mix together and keep in a spray bottle. Spray leaves underneath as well to make sure to get all the little darlings that are hiding. Repeat as necessary.
• ANTS: Equal parts Baking Soda and Icing Sugar. Sprinkle around on the ground where there is an issue (being careful to not use around Peonies, they need Ants to open up their petals). I keep this in a large spice container (Bulk Barn or $ store).
• EARWIGS: In the evening lay a 12” piece of wet garden hose where the earwigs are causing the problem (a dampened rolled up newspaper will do as well). In the morning completely submerge in a pail of water drowning all the little cuties.
• SLUGS/SNAILS: Orange peels (Tangerines or any citrus will do) thrown around plants that are getting chewed up. The peels attract them, they eat the peels and die. No need to touch them or remove the peels. So easy and it works.
• MILDEW: Starting in the early Summer when plants are coming up, spray plants that are subjected to mold with equal parts milk & water (example: Phlox 1 or 2 % will do).
• APHIDS: A good shot from your garden hose on jet spray will knock them off. They’re too slow so they will die before climbing back up. A good idea is to put some pots of Chives around in your garden as well. Don’t plant the Chives in the garden unless you want a full garden of them, and don’t let them seed out either.
• SQUIRRELS: The fencing with the larger holes (you need room to plant through them) is what I have had great success with. Cut to fit the top of the planter and push down, but don’t bury, you need the critters to feel it so they don’t dig. I use the green plastic fencing. It’s easier to enlarge the holes for planting in.
These are some of the things that over the years I have tried with success. I won’t kill little critters and I hate spending $$$ on plants just to feed the bugs and slugs.
Happy Gardening,
Joni 519-596-2389