Local Group Aims to Create Pedestrian Friendly Zone in Downtown Tobermory

By Marianne Wood

A group of Tobermory business owners and residents have embarked on a pilot project to create a pedestrian friendly area in downtown Tobermory.
The idea came after taking part in a webinar by Roger Brooks on the future of Bruce County and “how to make your town the best place to live and work in Ontario”.
The goal of “Team Downtown Tobermory” is to create a designated pedestrian area in Little Tub Harbour that is a pleasant space for all to enjoy, while also connecting the residents back to their downtown area.
The group’s first steps in the pilot project are to apply for funding through the Municipality and/or County and to assess the downtown area to narrow down the desired location. The group specifies that they are only looking at a small area, not the entire downtown.
Ideas for the pedestrian area are: a play and relax corner with benches and/or picnic tables, seating areas, engaging games like large scale chess, flower planters, lighting and live music space.
The group is still in the early planning stages of the project and are open to suggestions from the community.