Lion’s Head Knitter Surpasses 500 Hats; Donates to Big & Small

By Marianne Wood

Lion’s Head resident Ruth Tackaberry has been knitting for over 76 years. Her love of knitting started when she was in grade 8, and hasn’t stopped since. Ruth knits sweaters, vests, mittens and scarfs, but hats are her speciality.
In 2013 Ruth set herself a goal. “I decided I was going to knit to 500 hats” said Ruth. In February she met, and surpassed, her goal.
Ruth donates her hand-made items to the local hospitals, local groups and organizations, and the local daycare, which is right next door. “I’ve knit 248 pairs of mittens” explained Ruth, “that’s times 2!”
Ruth’s creations have made it down to Southampton and as far North as Armstrong, ON (north of Thunder Bay), all to help those in need.
Ruth will be 88 next year and shows no signs of slowing down. She lives in the Hayes apartments, where she moved after her husband passed, and enjoys watching the daycare children walk around the crescent. In the summer, she has a small garden she tends to.
Although Ruth has no children of her own, she has more nieces and nephews than she can count, all of whom own an original Aunt Ruth hat. Her extended family welcomed triplets last Hallowe’en, and 5 boys since, “with more coming” she says.
I imagine Ruth will be busy knitting hats, big and small, for many years to come.