Spring is Concert Event Season for The Meeting Place – Tickets Available Now

Submitted by Noreen Steinacher

The band CD-DC with Doug Stewart and Chris Joyce are the featured artists at the Episode IV – The Ultimate Live Music concert on Saturday, May 11, 2019, starting 8 pm at the Tobermory Community Centre.
The Meeting Place is really pleased to build their annual fundraising event around the music of CD-DC. This duo, who are well known in Tobermory, are also known for their support of community charitable work so what a good fit with TMP. Combined with a blend of humour and audience participation, Doug and Chris perform songs from a wide range of artists and entertain audiences of all ages. This is a licensed event and a ‘midnight’ lunch and table snacks will be served as part of the ticket price.
Look for posters in town. Tickets are available from The Meeting Place, and from our business supporters in Tobermory; the Princess Hotel & Restaurant, Tobermory Brewing Company, Crowsnest Pub, Harbourside Motel, Reader’s Haven and in Lion’s Head; Marydale’s Restaurant and Rachel’s Diner. Your friends and family may have tickets for sale too so get them early. Thank you to our event sponsorships coming in from Tobercliff B&B, Peacock’s Foodland and Bruce Anchor Cruises. We absolutely need the generous sponsorship support to make the event a success. If you are a business and want to get involved call Jennifer at 519-596-2313.
What do we raise funds for?
The Meeting Place has just finished up a number of food programs adding to people’s skills, food literacy and enjoyment around group food preparation; the mini gym at TMP was just expanded and has a growing roster of community participants who can now exercise on their own time and with friends. Sharing Dance Seniors is a unique dance exercise program that is still underway and we will bring back in the fall and explore the same program for children and youth.
Speaking of young people, SOAR and Youth Adventures programs continue to the end of the month. Jennifer Cuffe, who works with these programs and children, also put on a popular ice cream making session as part of March Break Madness. What a turnout!
A terrific season of Open Mic wraps up on April 2nd and has kept musicians and audiences well practiced and entertained over the winter. The social support programs are on-going; quiet but effective as people seek out information and services that make a difference in their lives, through resources in their own community. Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program is hopping as there is deadline! There’s been a number of really exceptional special events taking place at The Meeting Place and now we are moving into booking some training sessions for local businesses and their staff as they gear up for the season.
It’s good to reflect on what TMP does but also give some thought to the overall community impact. Does TMP build human and social capital in our community. We hope so.