Embracing the Future: Blue Heron Installs Peninsula’s First Electric Car Chargers

Car Charging station
By John Francis

When the Sources of Knowledge Forum brought several electric cars to Tobermory for a demonstration a couple of years ago, they had quite a time getting them recharged for the return journey. This generated a lot of discussion but no immediate action by the public or private sectors.

But in February, Blue Heron Company took the first step into the future — they installed three electric vehicle chargers at their facility at 20 Head Street in Tobermory. There are two Tesla chargers (installation paid by Tesla) and one generic charger (on the left in the photo; paid by Blue Heron). Electricity will be paid fully by Blue Heron and there will be a donation box on site starting in Spring for those using them to contribute to the costs.

Most electric vehicles can easily manage the 250-300 km drive up from the cities. Now they will be able to charge up easily for the return journey.

Parks Canada and the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula are both aware of the need for car-charging stations but no plans are in place at this time.

The Bruce Peninsula Press salutes the Blue Heron Company for their foresight and commitment to the future.