Tobermory Paid Parking Revenues Explained

By Marianne Wood

In response to taxpayers’ concerns about the added pressure that increased tourism was putting on our municipal services, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula implemented paid parking in Tobermory. 2018 was the 2nd season for the paid parking program. The revenue from paid parking was distributed as follows:
• $68,000 was allocated to the Municipal Parks and Recreation department for operations expenses related to tourism (washrooms, garbage, recycling, etc.)
• $50,000 was used to purchase and install additional parking machines and new signage.
• $12,500 went towards machine maintenance and operations.
• $25,000 was allocated to parking enforcement (related to Tobermory Paid Parking)
• $50,000 went towards repayment of the Brock Street lot purchase.
NOTE: The Municipality spent $407,000 to purchase land to develop additional parking and permanent washroom facilities. Environmental studies and an archeological review for both the Brock Street and Hay Bay properties took place in 2018. No plans for the Brock Street property have been considered by council, and no decision has been made regarding its use as a parking lot.
• The remaining $70,000 was deposited into a newly established Paid Parking Reserve (set up at year’s end).
NOTE: Any money that is placed in a Parking Reserve will be dedicated for use in Tobermory.