Community Spirit Alive in Lion’s Head


Having retired recently and this being the Christmas season, I was reflecting on one of the joys experienced from participating in my company’s children’s Christmas party. Each year I would dress up as the Grinch and interact with the children, giving out candy canes, clown noses, and Christmas hats. In a way, I was the warm up act for Santa. It was great to see the smiles on the faces of children as well as adults. I quickly realized that this year would be the first year that this would not be happening, until I spotted the request in your paper for participants for the Lion’s Head Santa Claus parade.

My wife and I have a cottage outside of Stokes Bay and we had always wanted to check out the parade, but never seemed to be able to make it. Never having marched in a parade, I was not certain how I would be received for just showing up in my costume on parade day.

Well I need not have worried, as the organizers of the parade (the Rotary Club) were very welcoming and quickly got me signed up and positioned in line. I knew this would be a great afternoon when one of the organizers handed me a rules sheet and said “Here are the rules for the parade but since it’s the Grinch I’m speaking with, you won’t follow them anyway!”

The spirit of the participants in the parade was infectious and a good time was had by all. The smiles from adults and children as I worked my way through the crowd were great to see. I even high-fived our Mayor!

Well done Rotary Club! Well done Lion’s Head! Will I be back next year? Absolutely!

Kevin Warkentin,

Stokes Bay Ontario