BPDS Christmas Wish List to Santa (and Community)


Submitted by Nicole Gamble, School Council Chair

All We Want for Christmas …

Dear Santa,

Bruce Peninsula District School has been a very good school this year. We have now earned our Platinum status as an Eco School and we continue to uphold the values of being a UNESCO school. We do our part for the environment by composting, reducing our use of plastic and conserving water. We know that we got a wonderful renovation this summer but there are just a few more things that would make our school perfect.

1. New basketball backboards for the gymnasium (which would help the whole community that uses the school gym)

2. Gym equipment such as exercise equipment and weights (to keep us in shape during the long Peninsula winter)

3. New matting for the Long Jump and Triple Jump (which would help our students be even better in Track & Field)

4. Library upgrades (such as some area rugs for primary classes to sit on and some comfortable chairs to create a more welcoming reading atmosphere)

So Santa, could you please send us some kind people that would be willing to donate some of these items or even money? You can tell them that they can get a donation tax receipt for monetary donations over $20! Send them to Mrs. Cunningham in the office and she can tell them how.

Say hello to Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves for us.

Happy Holidays!