Letter: Municipality Should Assume Management /Operations of Mobile Home Portion of Happy Hearts


I have been doing some fact checking about the Happy Hearts Mobile Home Trailer Park. This park is the ONLY location zoned on the North Bruce Peninsula for Mobile Home trailer use; the next closest one is located in Port Elgin, Ontario. 

I have been hearing from a number of sources about affordable housing and yet no one has put a cost to this comment. I checked the Port Elgin Trailer Home Park location regarding purchasing a used existing mobile home and the average cost was about $85,000. (affordable housing?).

I have a suggestion regarding this problem; the municipality assume the management and operations of the mobile home portion of Happy Hearts Trailer Park. This would relieve the owners of Happy Hearts of their issues regarding the operation and cost of having the mobile trailer homes, while still having their seasonal tent trailer operation for their own use.

 Dan Beemer