EcoAdventures Launches Big Canoe Program

The EcoAdventures eight-person 22-foot voyageur canoe will showcase the Peninsula from a new vantage point.
Submitted by Caeli Mazara

Local tour company EcoAdventures has had their eight-person voyageur canoe for two years, and have been eagerly awaiting the vessel’s inaugural season. Social distancing measures were keeping the 22-foot canoe out of the water, but this summer the company plans to launch two canoe programs to showcase the Peninsula from a new vantage point. Locals can explore the waterways in their own backyard and tourists can leave overcrowded trails behind for a fresh experience of all the Peninsula has to offer.

The Sunset Paddle sets off from the Huron shore most Saturday evenings in July and August. Participants will traverse the lake to Lyle Island before circling back to the dock. Highlights of this experience include taking in the gorgeous surroundings on a relaxing paddle, glimpsing native waterfowl, and getting an unparalleled view of the stunning sunset colours over Lake Huron.

Canoe the Grotto follows the inland lakes of the northern Peninsula from Cameron Lake to Georgian Bay. Participants will enjoy a cliffside hike before paddling back. This longer experience is an unforgettable deep dive into the ecology and history of the Peninsula’s many lakes and spectacular geological features.

EcoAdventures was founded under the umbrella of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association (BPBA) and funnels proceeds to the conservation projects of the BPBA. The tour company focuses on providing outstanding experiences in sustainable tourism.

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