Amazing Turn Out For Lion’s Head Peanut Soccer
Firefighters Provide Pop-Up Soccer Goals

The firefighters arrived at the Lion’s Head Peanut soccer practise with their trucks and sirens; many excited players rushed to see their arrival.
Submitted by Lion’s Head Peanut Soccer

The Lion’s Head Peanut Soccer is a new youth based sports group for ages JK to grade 4. We began at the start of May and the turn out for the program has been amazing! We have 49 players registered, close to a dozen volunteers from the high school, some outstanding volunteer parents and grandparents.

The Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire Department recently established the ‘Lion’s Head Community Development project’ with the goal of supporting local youth through sport and education. They reached out to Lion’s Head Peanut Soccer and generously supplied the players with 8 pop-up soccer goals! 

The firefighters arrived at practise with their trucks and sirens, and many excited players rushed to see their arrival. The goals they purchased for the program are a huge asset for the drills and practises and were greatly enjoyed by every age group. 

We’d like to thank the NBP fire department for their support; not only has it helped this year’s players, but will continue to be used for years to come!

NBP firefighters arrived at Lion’s Head Peanut Soccer practise to help set up the pop-up soccer goals purchased through the Lion’s Head Community Development project.