Tobermory Food Bank News: Risk of Food Insecurity Rises With Rate of Inflation


Submitted by Linda Godhue

The recent reports of the rise in the rate of inflation are troubling for all, but more for those facing Food Insecurity or on the tip of doing so. 

The January inflation rate was 5.1% and specifically the rate of inflation for food was 6.5%. This is the highest rate in over 30 years. The rate for February was not available at the time of writing this article. But with the world pressures on energy costs, it is more than likely that inflation will increase even more. 

We are all affected by these costs, but on families and individuals who live with Food Insecurity on a continual or frequent basis, it has a very large impact.

In January, Bruce Grey United Way made a presentation to the Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force sharing some very revealing statistics. Twenty percent of Bruce Grey residents are Food Insecure. As well, 19.2% of children in Bruce Grey are living in low income families.

The presentation also listed many risk factors that lead to Food Insecurity, precarious housing and employment. 

Also included as risk factors are female led households, especially single parents. Food Insecurity results in higher health care costs with social and mental health impacts.

Food Banks play a significant role in addressing and helping those who face Food Insecurity. The Tobermory Food Bank is here to assist those most in need in our community. But our work could not continue without the tremendous support we receive from individuals, local businesses, Churches and organizations and support from beyond the area we service. The Tobermory Food Bank has always felt supported, but the amount of cash donations that have been donated since the beginning of the Pandemic have been overwhelming.

In addition to cash donations, we are now able to accept grocery items. There is a collection box at the Tobermory Post Office. There are a few items that are needed – canned pasta such as ravioli and Alphaghetti, tomato pasta sauce and dry spaghetti, Mr. Noodles cups, canned potatoes, cream corn and peas, brown baked beans, canned tuna, ham and chicken, dry cereals of all types. Also soups are welcomed, especially Chunky or Habitant style.

For more information about the Tobermory Food Bank, please call Linda at 519-596-2333 or Jim at 519-375-7010.