Local Lioness Member Karin Webb Receives Outstanding Lioness Award

Submitted by Shirley Teasdale

Ontario Lioness Clubs are no longer active, however a Northern Bruce Peninsula Lioness member has recently been presented with an award by the MD’A’ (Multiple District) Presidents of Ontario Lioness Clubs. The award was given at the 35th Anniversary of the MD’A’ program as they celebrated the final Lioness MD’A’ meeting. Each District President who was serving at the time was asked to nominate one individual Lioness from each District, and the individual chosen would be awarded the Outstanding Lioness Award.

This prestigious award was granted to Karin Webb of the Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness Club. According to the MD’A’ the honour was given to Karin “because Karin exemplifies the Lioness spirit, and who is always supportive of her club and fellow Lionesses”. 

Karin received her award by mail just a few days ago and says she was absolutely amazed to receive the award. “I was astonished to receive the honour when it came in the mail,” she said. “I was overwhelmed but was very proud to receive it”. 

Karin has served as our local president at least twice. Over the years, Karin has taken on many tasks to help our local branch, including such things as writing and issuing a monthly bulletin to keep members in touch. Several times Karin organized themes for the Lioness group when they took part in the local Santa Claus Parades. These, and many more, are just a sample of the work Karin has done to make sure our local Lioness Club was a going concern.

Congratulations Karin Webb!