Local Business Owner Competing for Miss Entrepreneurship Canada

Submitted by Allison Chisholm

My name is Allison Chisholm and I am a fourth generation Chisholm living full-time on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. I am currently competing in this Miss Entrepreneurship Canada 2021 to bring light to how success can be created within the Peninsula as a small business. 

Pageantry is new to me and wasn’t something I saw myself ever participating in. But when the founder of Female CEO and the director of Miss Entrepreneurship Canada contacted me about competing I thought it was a great opportunity to showcase what the Peninsula has to offer.

I moved to the Lion’s Head area in November of 2020. Amidst a global pandemic, I picked up my life and moved to the Peninsula with the goal of creating a better future for not only myself but for others around me as well. All of us living on the Peninsula know that winter, also referred to as the ‘Off-Season’ is a very tough time if you have no income. So most don’t have the option but to use their own creativity and start a business. Thus making them an entrepreneur.

I am the owner of BP Bath + Spa. I was in the tight spot where I needed a source of income. I was in a position where I knew I wanted to start my own business. I was also very aware that the Peninsula had a shortage of the products that I was wanting to create. I dedicated my business to creating easy accessible self-care products for the Peninsula. Although I do ship my products on a National scale in both Canada and the United States, I still aim to market and advertise the sale of them on the Peninsula every single day.

I know that most people think that pageantry is all about winning the crown but that is not my main objective in this case. One of my goals while competing in Miss Entrepreneurship Canada 2021 is to inspire those living on and around the Peninsula, as well as areas like the Peninsula that rely on six months of steady income to last them a year. 

As well as using this platform as a sort of wake up call for the current business owners here, we can be successful in our off-season if we take the moment and look at what we have to offer in our winter months. I want to use this opportunity through both the Bruce Peninsula Press, as well as the Miss Entrepreneurship Canada 2021 Pageant to inspire those around me to take the leap of faith and use their creativity to do what they love all year-round.

If you’re interested in following along on my journey to promote the Peninsula, as well as the entrepreneurial side of this check out my social media platforms on Instagram or contact me to talk more about this subject.

[email protected] // @bpbathnspa // @ally.chisholm