Letter: Do What It Takes To Get Our Families Back!


Does this community realize that this is probably the lowest use that Primary Place Daycare in Tobermory has ever experienced in its history? This is not just about the daycare kids, this is a town dying of families! 


Seems to me that there is A LOT of negative judgments and comments being made without knowing the TRUE facts.

 Is this temporary daycare situation really affecting our ENTIRE community? NO our community situation is affecting our daycare! We are short on kids! 

IF our community focused on community, and not so much on tourism… maybe we could have families? A full school? A full daycare? Moms and Tots programs again? A youth group? Cubs and Scouts programs? Remember those things? 

Remember when we had 3 grocery stores in the summer? When there were 3-4 gas stations? When there were more restaurants and some of them designed for family? Remember the bars that were here? The indoor pool? The Roller Rink? The Golf Course? The Emergency care that we had at our local Clinic? 

Is it the Pandemic causing these things to stop? 


It is loss of community and a desire to grow tourism. How many business owners out there are willing to build a year round town?


Or do you want to be off 6 months a year because you have made the money and sit back and judge those who depend on the EI Benefits… and live here in a broken, dying community? We love this town! We want to live here and build families. 

I am ranting. I will take some pushback for this… but I am so sad to see our beautiful town dying! YES, it is dying! 

1989-90 there were almost 100 kids in our school. Communities thrive with family! Generations of people! Now we have less then 20 kids? One year was only 13? 

That is dying… 

ANSWER THIS: Do you – yes, you – want to build a year round community of families and generations? Or do you want a seasonal town where we might as well put up a “CLOSED” sign at the Mayor’s Corner on the first of November heading north? 

I believe we do need vision for the future of Tobermory Primary Place Daycare. But people! It isn’t the daycare supporting the town! It’s the town supporting families! If you want to yell, yell louder for housing! For an apartment building, for town houses, for a year-round mobile home park, for bylaws to change! If the problem is water issues? Put in town water! Do what it takes to get our families back!!! 

We desperately need housing for families to live.


Kimberly Belrose,