Letter: Compost Queen – A Personal Example


The Compost Queen has monthly compost heaps in the yard, a veritable buffet for wildlife – “Let them have at it!” she says with enthusiasm. Bears, snowshoe rabbits, raccoons, skunks and squirrels trample the snow as evidence of sharing the wealth… and wealth it is. An impoverished family upbringing taught Bunkey to waste nothing. 

Composting – what some people may regard as rubbish – recycles nutrients for worms, fungi and the garden. “You put organic rubbish in and you get good stuff out.” Used coffee grounds provided by Lone Wolf generate nitrogen for the garden compost.

Grocery store organic refuse is collected regularly by this enthusiastic amateur. Things that are past their ‘best before date’, bruised and damaged goods and even sprouting garlic bulbs are fodder for the heap that includes leaves and sawdust that is not from preserved or treated wood.

Time to naturally ‘cook’ down, as well as periodically turning the heap of goodies, working with nature to create a nutrient-rich soil additive for a sustaining vegetable garden that gives back to nature. 

On their sail boat voyages Bunkey and Geoff save up organic matter for guerilla gardening, biodegradables secreted into parks and public property that help mother nature sequester carbon. “It beats landfill!”. 

School kids tour a couple of times a year and Bunkey supports Keep the Bruce Clean and Green. “Only mankind creates waste, not nature.” Taking something seemingly of less value that becomes more valuable is Bunkey’s mantra. 

We can do it too. 

What an example!

Arlene Kennedy, Tobermory