Cribbage Board for sale at the online Christmas Artisan fair.
By Joanne Rodgers,
Bruce Peninsula Press

The Pike Bay Community Association hosts the first ever Online Christmas Artisan Fair which started on November 15 and continues for four weeks until December 13th. On day one, even with power outages, there were sales and interested parties visiting the online site.

15 Vendors participate in first ever online Christmas fair

Fifteen vendors are selling locally made items such as crocheted products, honey, beeswax candles, custom labelled apparel and home decor, stain glass items, wood carvings, custom ironworks tables, jewelry, photography, art works, hand made greeting cards, nature calendars, alpaca wool items, etched glassware and fabric creations. Some old and new favourites are participating in the fair.

Alpaca products for sale at the online Christmas Artisan fair.

Digital Venue to Showcase locally made items

The online fair gives local artisans and hobbyists a place to showcase their wares. With the absence of Christmas Bazaars and handicraft fairs and the increase in online shopping, the Association felt they could fill a need in promoting locally made products by offering a venue for vendors and shoppers to connect.

Vendors located on Bruce Peninsula, from north of Sauble/Wiarton through to Tobermory were invited to participate. The participation fee for the vendors is $20 and any interested vendors can still contact the Association. This fee gives vendors a digital space to advertise their products, including product descriptions, photos, contact information, payment and pick-up or shipping methods. 

Shoppers contact Vendors directly

Shoppers are required to contact the vendors directly as the site is a facilitator of vendor information; the Association is not involved in the actual selling of the items. The vendors are responsible for their customer communication, sales and safety protocols when meeting with clients.

Candles for sale at the online Christmas Artisan fair.

Some vendors indicated that they would like to donate part of their sale proceeds to the Association, but to keep the transactions simple, the Association welcomes donations from the vendors as they see fit.

Supporting community events and historic building

This year the Association hosted three highly successful online fundraising efforts. The funds raised will support community events and the maintenance of the Pike Bay Community Centre which was formerly a one room school house.

A portion of funds raised go towards maintenance of the Pike Bay Community Centre, which was formerly a one room school house.

Membership increases to 160 families

The Pike Bay Community Association was started in 1947 by residents and provides activities for all ages. The Association is pleased to note that their Membership has risen over the past couple of years to 160 families comprising current and former residents of the area. 

Visit the online fair through the Pike Bay Community Association Fundraising Page on Facebook