Letters: Refugee Families Extend Thanks to Lion’s Head & Tobermory Residents

Omar and his wife Samia with their two children Mustafa and Layan, taken at Harrison Park in Owen Sound.

To the Lovely People of Lion’s Head & Tobermory
Dear all,
The healing starts with a tiny spark, a glimmer of hope in soft, soulful eyes when the UNITED CHURCH CANADA responded to our request. Ms, Mélodie Mui had connected us with a group from Lion’s Head to sponsor our families (10 people). And for three families having four kids who come to Lion’s Head on 10th December 2018, the hope, the healing and protection are all because of you.
Thank you so very much for your recent donations to us, because of you we are safe now and started new life. Your kind gifts, clothes, food, toys, furniture, psychological and emotional support is already creating miracle recoveries for all family members. We appreciate your help and support, also wanted to thank Heidi Rose Neumann for accommodating us in her house in 29 Main Street and stand beside us in winter time and provided heaters when it was very cold also thanks for Rachel’s Bakery for the extra heaters as well, also we thank all our neighbors and friends and all volunteers who helped us even before we arrive to Canada to make our house ready.
Leaving Lion’s Head was not an easy choice for me. I had to move down south to find job and to enroll my wife in English classes. Today we made it, I started working and my wife started her classes, also I am going to enroll in sales and marketing program soon in order to gain a Canadian degree to enable me to find better job.
I am missing all my friends from Lion’s Head and Tobermory communities (Elizabeth & Jeremy Thorn, Heather John Davies & Rob, Jane & John Greenhouse, Barry & Nancy Ince, Allen Partridge, Glen Estill, Frank Burrows, and Lenora Clark. Also I miss Joy & Tammy from FOODLAND, Leslie Conway, Suzanne and Stuart, Scott of Home Hardware, John Baker and WALSH’s Garage.)
Special thanks for Mary Houston & Owen McManamon from Stokes Bay for donating your personal car to us, it was given to us in the right time and helped through the cold winter and it is running perfectly till now, such lovely and valuable car.
Also we wanted to thank Frank and Betsy Barrows for hosting us in Christmas Day for brunch to celebrate our first Christmas in Canada, we felt we are at home already from that day.
God bless you all.
I hope you share my letter and story of the special friends who helped us and send our thanks for the generous people of Lion’s Head & Tobermory.
With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,
Omar & Family

To all Friends, Kind and Good People of Lion’s Head and Tobermory

To all the people who support us in our Journey to reach Canada and start new life not for any benefits just because they are very kind.
It’s difficult to find the words which can express our emotions and feelings but I’m sure you can feel it.
Fahad and Aiya doing great in school and enjoying the Canadian teen lifestyle looking for bright future full of energy and hopes.
Enas studying at real estate college to be able to work as an agent building her career and aiming to successful future.
I’m looking for permanent job and doing Uber in parallel. I fully trust that I will find the right opportunity.
This is the seed which all of you planted, watered and gave love and care.
With every prayer, we will remember you and through each happy moment you will be with us.
It was very difficult to leave Lion’s Head but life forced us some time to take hard decisions to achieve and secure different purposes through our lives.
It was very successful journey full of love and emotions and will continue for generations we will remember the great people who support us.
Please stay in touch and never forget that you have family and house in Mississauga welcoming you any time.
Mohammed and family

Mohammed, Enas and their children Aiya and Fahad.

Thank you From Hana & Ahmed

I want to thank everyone in Lion’s Head and Tobermory who stand with me and save my family. I want to send special thanks to Elizabeth Thorn, Betsy Barrows, Jane Greenhouse, Nancy Ince, Lenora Clark, Leslie Conway, my neighbours Fina, the landlord of 10 Alexander St, Peter and his wife, also Brenda from Foodland.
Hanna and Ahmed

Hana and Ahmed.

Editor’s Note: The refugee families in these letters recently relocated to Southern Ontario; two to Mississauga and one to London. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.