Letter: We Need Our Trees!


To the Editor;

I noticed a letter in one of your recent issues (Issue #15/20 page 6) expressing the opinion that people are tired of trees by the time they arrive in Tobermory, and they wish for a clearing of the trees on the hill walkway so they could have a better view of the harbour. I don’t think so.

There are places they could position themselves on that walk for a good view of the harbour.

I notice most people being very thankful for the shade, for the relief from our treeless ‘downtown’. All the picnic tables and benches in the shade are taken first. The walk up that slight hill would be hot, sweaty, and most uncomfortable without the refreshing shelter of the trees. I know cottage owners who regret cutting their trees for a better view of the lake. They don’t grow back for years. Any view of water is enhanced by the presence of trees, creatively trimmed. 

And then there are all the other reasons we need our trees…


Bev Sawyer