Tobermory Legion Br 290 News:
Memory Project and Early Bird Renewal

Submitted by Elaine Sinha

Many individuals have been wondering if the branch is doing alright financially with it being closed for months now due to Covid; happily the answer is yes. True, we haven’t been able to make money, but we haven’t really spent any either, and we have had donations from many individuals which has helped with the expenses that we have had. Thank you to everyone who has donated during this time.

The Memory Project

This is an initiative of Historica Canada that arranges for veterans and Canadian Forces members to share their stories of military service at schools and community events across the country. Everyone has a story to share. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please contact The Memory Project at 1-866-701-1867 or

2021 Early Bird Campaign

Yes, it is that time of the year again when Rick will be chasing you down to get your membership paid. You have until November 30 to renew your membership for $45.00. This can be done with cash, or better yet, e-transfer to: Remember that by renewing, you support the local branch and programs, receive the Legion magazine, maintain years of continuous service, keep your account in good standing and most important, keep Rick from hounding you!

By now many will have noticed that the flag and flagpole have been removed at the cenotaph. Even though this was fixed recently and repaired well; the continuous winds in the harbour proved to be too much for our flagpole and so it was taken down by Chris McCoy and Dan Welsh for safety’s sake. However, we are fortunate that member Tony Billingsworth is able to fabricate an entire new base and that is currently being manufactured. Once the new base arrives the flag will once again fly proudly over the cenotaph. Thank you to Tony, Dan and Chris for taking care of this issue.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and sane September.

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