Mid Summer News and Views from The Meeting Place Tobermory

Submitted by Noreen Steinacher

It can’t be August already; although some days it feels like we have hardly moved at all. Work at The Meeting Place has been surprisingly active; mostly behind the scenes planning for the fall. 

There are a couple of important items to share with you. With the province moving into Stage 3 Re-opening and the Municipality following suit, community centres and not for profits can open but with lots of considerations. Last week some of our Board members and Municipal manager, Ryan Deska did a site walk about and review of programs and services to assess the needs right now, capacity and risks of reopening some things to the public. Normally this is a quiet time at TMP, so in some ways that helped us with some decisions but got us preparing a plan going into the fall. 

What’s Open Now

• Food Bank – Tuesdays 1-2 pm; 

• Community Information & Resource Coordination (CIRC) – by request by phone or e-mail to The Meeting Place; 

• Community Income Tax – by phone call to Jace Weir at 519-596-2057. The building will remain closed other than by appointment or specific service.

• Proposed for September – opening for small community group meetings

• Proposed for October – Mini Gym and exercise programs; more CIRC availability.

Visit our website tobermorymeetingplace.com for the full description of TMP re-opening plan.

Outdoor space around TMP is being used for some new things this year. Pierce from the Easy Farm is dropping off fresh vegetable orders to Tobermory residents. Tai Chi is happening in the parking lot and some meetings have been seen taking place under the orange umbrella at the community park. It’s beautiful. The Community Gardens are at peak summer growth so gardening is in full swing and the park in general has seen an uptake in use since full re-opening. 

The SPARK project has inspired The Meeting Place to investigate some new ideas for community services and organization revenues. You may have heard the term social purpose organization – that’s what The Meeting Place is but we are investigating taking that a big step forward. We are taking a Spark idea – making E-Bikes available and affordable for resident seasonal workers (and some tourists) using a business model for non profits called a social enterprise. Interesting work, so stayed tuned; our Spark project facilitator Rachel McLay will be reaching out this month to some of the community for input.