In the Garden: Hints From a Mrs Gardener August In The Garden

Submitted by Joan Regan

Heat, rain, no rain, cooler temperatures, no rain and critters (hell bent on really ticking a little old gardener off), Rabbits, a Porky pine… and now a Deer. Just another summer of gardening on the rocks and I love it.

The smaller garden I gave up on and turned into just containers is doing great. Everything is happy and looks so good. I have put in Brunnera, Lungwort, Ferns, Pulmonaria, and even potted up a new Hellebore; several Hostas of various sizes as well, with some pretty rocks to keep the natural look or to hide some pots, very happy with it.

I have been busy on the cooler days tightening up the other gardens in the back, moving the rock borders in. Any plants that needed to be moved have been potted up and tucked back in. I’m really liking the look and it is giving me more width on the paths to maneuver the wheelbarrow around and yank the hose as well.

Now that the far back garden gets a lot more sun (with the two large Spruce trees gone) it has opened up more choices of plants to put there. I love lilies and have been getting more from Earthbound Gardens and Hosta Full On, as well as Peninsula Out of Doors. All have beautiful Lilies and they all sure putting on a show right now. Our Granddaughter Jaida contributed a gorgeous lily as well “Purple Kaboom”. All the Astilbe have added their own special looks, they’re all in containers and are thriving (they don’t like that garden, so they got dug out last year and potted up and tucked back in). 

It has been a great year for the gardens with all the early rain to start the season off and a mix of sun and rain all Summer. The garden is happy. Now, if I could only find a way to keep the squirrels away from my tomatoes….

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Happy Gardening and Keep Safe,

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