Letter: Why Aren’t All Of Our Shops Following Covid Guidelines?


As we all know, June, July and August are our busiest season for tourism and we all welcome tourists as they keep our towns on the Peninsula alive. Without tourism, we would all lose so much. The season of Covid has presented many challenges for us all and there has been much discussion about who should be here and who should not. In welcoming guests to the Peninsula most agreed that we need to be responsible about how we proceed and acknowledge that with the influx of tourism, our risks for Covid transmission increase. All of this makes sense. 

When I went in to town on July 7th one shop in particular did not require masks for either sales staff or visitors, were not monitoring hand sanitizing and allowed nine people from the same party in to the store at the same time. When I asked sales staff at the shop why this was happening, the response was a muffled “we don’t do that”. 

Foodland, the LCBO, the post office, Shipwreck Lee’s, Mariner, etc., are all following provincial guidelines to keep our locals and guests safe. How can one shop be exempt from these responsibilities?

In order to keep our town Covid free, we need to follow guidelines – mask, hand sanitizing and limited access into shops. That way, we can proudly say that we are a “Covid Free” area in one of the busiest tourist spots in our province.

Lin Gitterman