Letter: Lion’s Head Arena Project on Slippery Slope


Dear Editor,

The Lions Head Arena Project appears to be on a very, very slippery slope!

I would imagine that hardly anyone thought it was ever going to come in at the original $10 Million estimate. 

However the latest reports are forecasting $16 Million and up!!

I urge everyone to go to the MNBP website and review the project estimate, especially the secondary report pages that include all the risk items, conditional items, just-in-case issues and the qualified guesswork (cover our butts) language. This is normal jargon and “cya” terms everyone should expect from estimators and project planners, and, it means we really do not know the final numbers… if ever.

I would imagine the final costs could easily exceed $20 Million!! Yes we qualify for funding assistance, but only to the tune of $5M.

Is it time to rethink this project before it is too late? Of course it is. We cannot afford to proceed otherwise.

Should we throw out the baby, bath water and/or the basin? I wonder?


Johnny Power

Lion’s Head