Letter: Donation To The Rotary Club – Keeping It In The Community


My family has enjoyed the Lion’s Head Rotary pancake breakfasts as a tradition for five generations. This year due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we participated virtually by making a pancake breakfast at home. 

When my husband went online to make the donation, he was directed to Rotary International and asked to make the donation to the U.S. Rotary in U.S. funds!!! 

How do we make a donation that will benefit the Lion’s Head community directly? Please make this information publicly available before the July 1st breakfast. 

Thank you!

Kathy Anderson 

(Editor’s Note: Donations can be made by sending a cheque made out to the Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula to NBP Rotary, 59 Main Street, Box 305, Lion’s Head, Ontario, N0H 1W0 or you can e-transfer to nbprotary@gmail.com. See Rotary article on page 15 for more information.)