NBP Rotary Virtual Pancake Breakfast raised almost $300. Rotary immediately responded to a need at Golden Dawn with a donation of $250 for flowers to brighten the complex.
Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Our first venture into ‘virtual fundraising’ is off to a good start thanks to those of you who sent donations and held your own pancake breakfasts at home. With our actual fundraisers on hold because of the Covid-19 we needed some source of income for the projects that we had in mind locally and for our Scholarship Fund.

Well, we made close to $300.00 and thank all very much. The money was IMMEDIATELY funded back into our community as we purchased flowers to decorate the gardens at GOLDEN DAWN SENIORS RESIDENCE in Lion’s Head. You will see lots of happy residents and staff as they plant and admire our donation.

Golden Dawn staff and residents are dear to all our hearts and we are so proud and so grateful to all the hard workers there and the residents as they have done so well against this terrible pandemic. We were grateful to be able to help them at this time and thank all the ‘virtual pancake eaters’ who sent us donations. 

Planning for Second Virtual Breakfast

With the success of the first and only Virtual Breakfast behind us and more confidence going into this July 1st weekend it is, in all likelihood, that, if we cannot have a real ‘Pancake Breakfast’, we will be going virtual again. Get your cameras and your pancake recipes ready just in case. It was so much fun and ALL the profit goes, as you have seen, right back into the community for the benefit of our citizens.

Rotary and Christ Church Anglican Donate to the Lighthouse Project and the UTV

Rotary was proud to join with the congregation of Christ Church Anglican on February 25th for a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper that went very well. Both organizations plans were to split the profit and donate it all to two causes: the Lighthouse Project and the new UTV for our local fire department. The fundraising was a great success with over a THOUSAND DOLLARS in total profit. Each organization will present a cheque for half that amount each to the Municipality designating it to these projects.

Rotary District Competition: Service to the Community

NBP Rotary submitted this picture of Rotarian Erin Greig to our District 6330’s ‘serving our communities and the world’ competition. Erin spearheaded the ‘Green our Breakfasts’ project to dramatically increase the recycling and compostIng of our waste material from our breakfasts.

Our local District 6330 has a little contest going as to who can submit the best picture and story about their club helping the community. Each picture must have one of the members wearing a set of ‘fun’ glasses with Rotary lenses that District Governor Tony Sheard gave us during his visit last fall.

We have kept our pictures and, as Rotary’s resident writer, I submitted the stories and the pictures. 

I chose two projects…our Santa Claus parade from December and our Greening the Pancake Breakfast picture from last summer. 

The Santa Claus Parade picture depicted several Rotarians getting the ‘treat’ packages ready the day before the parade with President Doug Embleton wearing the glasses. That is always an exciting time for us all and it showed how we worked together having fun and serving our community.

The second submission was of Erin Greig’s ‘Greening of the Breakfasts’ project. It had Erin with one of her recycling bins showing how Rotary has become so efficient at recycling and composting at all our breakfasts. Erin worked hard at this and has us all thinking differently…..paper plates and cups, bamboo cutlery, composting and recycling almost 90% of the materials used at our big events.

We shall let you know if we are selected as one of the winners. We hope for the best but, regardless, are proud of all our Rotarians and the people in the community who help us serve this area and the world.

New Members are ALWAYS Needed

Many of us have been in a Service Club in some community or communities for fifty years or more. When we joined we weren’t sure we could commit as much time as was needed. We weren’t sure we would enjoy the experience. We were happy with the service club but didn’t think that we could make a difference. We thought, maybe, we had too much going on in our lives to give the time.

You may think the same way right now. However, my friends in Rotary will tell you that, although everyone of us thought those same things, we have made a difference. We have enjoyed our time and the experience. It has been fun. We found the time and still did everything else we did before in our lives.

We are looking for new members. We want to diversify our club. We need young people, women and men, retirees and those working, contractors, store keepers, teachers, plumbers, housewives, bee keepers, snake charmers, entertainers, and just about anyone else who thinks they would like to join a hard-working, fun-loving, service-oriented organization.

You don’t need to be rich. You don’t need to be famous. We won’t make you rich nor will we make you famous but we guarantee you will feel the warmth in your heart of serving the community.

If you are interested, drop us an e-mail at: [email protected] We will get back to you with details about how easy it is to become a member.