Letter: Respect One Another’s Right to be Present Wherever They Please


This letter is in support of Lin Gitterman’s stance on the “Disdain for Cottagers” letter, and is in response to Daphne Smith’s letter:

Firstly… “pandemic”? I see… you’re one of those people. Are you a bio-chemist? A virologist? In regards to your comment about the number of cases and deaths in Ontario, I suggest that you investigate the credibility of your sources. 

It’s this kind of misdirected hostility, contained in your letter in regards to the “cottagers” being unwelcome in Tobermory, that leads to great conflict and ultimately, wars! Ownership is ownership so it’s in everyone’s best interests to respect one another’s piece of the pie and right to be present wherever they please. 

Unless a resident, whether a cottager or full-time member, is being disrespectful or disruptive to neighbours or the community in some way, I suggest you take your finger and point it back at yourself.

Stephanie Tkaczuk