MNBP Special Council Meeting Minutes March 2, 2020 – 2020 Budget Draft #1


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt McIver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor James Mielhausen, Councillor Megan Myles 

STAFF PRESENT: Clerk, Mary Lynn Standen, Administrative Assistant, Tessa Swanton, Teresa Shearer, Treasurer, Wilf Barnes, Fire Chief , Wendy Elliott, Chief Building Official, Carol Hopkins, By-law Enforcement Officer, Troy Cameron, Public Works Manager, Marshall Tigert, Facilities Supervisor, Cathy Addison, Deputy Clerk, Ryan Deska, Manager of Community Services

OTHERS PRESENT: Leo-Paul Frigault, OCWA 


Mayor McIver called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest and the general nature thereof that may arise during the course of the meeting.


Moved by L. Golden Resolution #07-01-2020 Seconded by M. Myles 

THAT the content of the agenda be approved as presented. 



There are no Minutes to adopt for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


There is no Public Meeting for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


There is no Delegation for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


1. Treasury Department Report No. TR 20-01

RE: 2020 Budget – Draft #1

Mayor McIver began budget discussion and stated that there is a levy increase of 2.86% and taxpayer impacts are indicated in the Treasurer’s report. 

Budget discussion proceeded as follows:

2020 Payments in Lieu:

Increase in federal payments in lieu are mainly a result of the federal government purchasing the Driftwood Cove property

2020 Unconditional Grants:

Discussion should occur relating to the Provincial Modernization grant funding that was received 

A Treasurer’s report was brought to Council in October 2019 relating to projects the grant funding could be used to fund 

The Federal Gas Tax grant is a one-time grant

The Federal Community Infrastructure grant is an annual grant and a portion is generally allocated to roads projects 

An application for additional modernization funding was applied for by the CAO,

the Treasurer has yet to hear back regarding if the application was approved 

Funding could be used for a service delivery review 

2020 Administration:

Municipal administration costs are significantly lower than OPP costs

Legal/consulting fees have been decreasing; however, costs are dependent on what challenges are faced that year and cannot be predicted based on trends 

$65,000 has been allocated for proposed audio-visual upgrades to the council chamber

Audio-visual upgrades may not consume the total $65,000 budget, an objective for the project needs to be determined 

Council will be circulated a copy of the Audio-Visual Upgrades Project request for proposals (RFP) before it is made public, Mr. Deska, Manager of Community Services, is currently working on the RFP and will report back to Council

Approximately $5,000 is allocated for HVAC in the furnace room

2020 Fire:

The Fire Department is not reimbursed for emergency calls from the Bruce Peninsula National Park (the Park) as the Fire Department is only assisting with the call

There is a Mutual Aid Agreement in effect between the Park and the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (MNBP)

The Fire Department does not act as the lead regarding any emergency calls from the Park, most calls are medical related and the Fire Department is assisting Bruce County EMS

The Fire Department is only the lead on fire and motor vehicle collision calls

The Province mandates the type of training required for volunteer fire fighters

Volunteer firefighters are greatly appreciated 

Standards for training have changed recently and volunteer firefighters will be mandated to have the same certifications as full-time fire fighters at some point in the future 

2020 Building:

The building reserve funds can be utilized for wages, projects, implementing E-permitting, computer programs, educating the public and subsidizing a year of lower revenues

The CBO would like to meet with a representative regarding E-permitting, costs are estimated around $15,000 per year 

Due to increased building activity, a contract employee may need to be hired

Investing in GIS mapping may also be beneficial for multiple departments, a full-time employee working in GIS/IT with a good computer background may be an asset in the future

2020 By-law Enforcement:

By-law and paid parking are not separated on the budget because if they were separated then the Municipality would not receive an HST rebate

The Treasurer and By-law Enforcement Officer prepared a report that was published on the December 9, 2019 Council agenda that provided a detailed breakdown of by-law and paid parking costs 

The paid parking initiative includes high expenses and some members of the public may not be in agreement with paid parking 

Revenues allocated to the Parks and Recreation Department were presented in a report from the Facilities Supervisor at a past Council meeting 

The paid parking initiative allows for tourism costs to be funded by visitors rather than from taxpayers

2020 Occupational Health and Safety:

Two (2) employees are scheduled for Occupational Health and Safety Training in March

Funds will be used in 2020 to purchase defibrillators, batteries and pads which are due for replacement every five (5) years 

Mental health is/will be discussed at Occupational Health and Safety meetings 

2020 Emergency Planning:

MNBP does have a Pandemic Plan and Cathy Addison, Deputy Clerk, Certified Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) and Wilf Barnes, Fire Chief, will be attending a webinar that will be presented by the Grey Bruce Health Unit

Hand wipes and masks are at the Municipal Office

When a pandemic is declared, the Municipality works with Grey Bruce Health Unit and an email is sent to Mrs. Addison every morning with an update on occurrences/changes in the last 24 hours from the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre 

 The purchase of a generator for the Lion’s Head Arena/Community Centre will be a large expense 

The Lion’s Head Arena/Community Centre is the Municipality’s southern evacuation centre, the current generator will only supply a certain section of the facility (not including the ice surface) and the residential generator has been at the facility for fourteen (14) years 

2020 Roads:

An increase in street sweeping has led to more sand being distributed on roads as a result of more frequent freeze-thaw cycles and weather fluctuations 

More ratepayers are requesting sweeping on rural roads and the number of hard surface roads have increased 

A self-contained sweeper unit is very expensive, the Public Works Department has been investigating the purchase of a sweeper attachment for current machinery to save costs 

There would be difficulties associated with sharing a street sweeper with other municipalities as the sweeper is only needed during a select few months each year and multiple municipalities will need the sweeper at the same time

Public Works did attempt to rent a street sweeper in the past, but due to no availability were unable

The current “roads backlog” is inaccurate and out of date 

Roads should not be built/repaired based on petitions 

The Roads Needs Study is outdated and should be updated as it is a valuable report for Council and staff 

Mr. Cameron is to report back to Council with an opinion of which road he anticipates to be in most need of repair

The Isthmus Bay Road project will continue in 2020 and staff expect that an Environmental Assessment (EA) will not be required

The Public Works Manager recommended that an RFP be prepared 

The EA for the Heron Point Road bridge project is underway and enough data has been collected to proceed with a public meeting in May/June 2020 at the Stokes Bay Community Centre 

Sidewalks need work and the Public Works Department is given the authority to prioritize work

2020 Streetlights:

A request for streetlights in Pike Bay was received 

A pilot project may be a possibility with LED lights

Government funding for LED streetlighting was available in the past 

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) may have some funding available under their energy stream

Twelve (12) streetlights are proposed for Pike Bay

2020 Airport:

There is approximately a 17% profit margin on fuel sales

Hanger rentals/leases includes the Blue Heron Company lease and others

The grass is cut by the Airport Attendant 

2020 Tobermory Sewer System:

Leo-Paul Frigault, OCWA, provided an overview 

Removing sludge will help with capacity related issues, especially in mid to late August when oxygen demand spikes 

Septage rates are around 18%, which is quite high

Sludge does not need to removed more frequently at this time, unless a major change occurs

Sludge removal is operating under a 20-year removal cycle 

Septage is a higher concentration and impacts lagoon operations

Lagoon dumping fees increased from 2018 to 2019

2020 Lion’s Head Water System:

Capital projects include the Marina pumping station $23,975, water plant $13,300 and distribution system $17,000

$50,000 is included in the budget for the purchase of fire hydrants 

The Lion’s Head water system is operating at only 30% capacity

Leak detection and mitigation is performed by OCWA and requires an experienced operator and is completed during regular business hours 

A few water metres were replaced in 2019 for residents and metre replacements may occur more frequently in upcoming year as metres are reaching the end of their life-span

Water metres are replaced on an as-needed basis

2020 Small Water Systems:

$100,000 is included in the budget for maintenance at the Little Tub Harbour Water Treatment Plant 

Mr. Frigault is to provide further information on the Little Tub Harbour Water Treatment Plant project at a subsequent delegation or Special Council meeting, including information on EA processes, timelines, costs and project overview 

Consider being proactive and placing additional funds in reserves for the Little Tub Harbour Water Treatment Plant in the case that funding is not granted

Mr. Frigault to follow-up regarding the status of project funding 

$20,000 is included under capital projects for 2020

Determine long-term plans for various facilities and occupancy patterns such as, Tobermory Community Centre, Tobermory Daycare and Tobermory Meeting Place

There was a break in the Council Meeting at 10:56 a.m. 

The Council Meeting reconvened at 10:59 a.m.

2020 Tobermory Harbour:

Difference in fuel sales between 2018 and 2019 were significant and may be related to the cost of fuel fluctuation

Less boat traffic occurred in Tobermory in 2019

Steel dock structures will continue to be replaced 

Two (2) tubes are being attached to docks rather than one (1) tube in order to allow for water surge to pass through

A proactive plan for high water and flooding issues should be drafted and infrastructure that may be negatively affected should be addressed

Mr. Deska has reached out to Small Craft Harbours and funding may be received once staff submits a project list

Any funding is to be related to safety improvements and as the Tobermory Harbour is commercial, more funding may be available

Mr. Deska to prepare a report to Council regarding findings from future Tobermory Harbour public consultation meetings 

Mr. Deska has already conducted some consultations for the Lion’s Head Marina as there were some concerns brought to his attention

Mr. Deska may also be able to send out an electronic survey via email 

2020 Lion’s Head Marina:

Donations for the rebuilding of the Lion’s Head Lighthouse may cover a substantial amount of costs

Costs for an engineer for the lighthouse project is $8,000

Upgrades for areas around the lighthouse can be entertained 

Dock damage can be minimized and staff are open to new solutions, such as a rotating dock repair schedule

Issues with the back-parking lot should be addressed and alternative parking should be considered 

Erosion cannot be prevented as it only moves to different areas

2020 Garbage Collection/Diversion:

Recycling and garbage collection are now separated more accurately 

Volumes of waste decreased once curbside collection was implemented 

The first project the Municipal Innovation Council is addressing is waste management and there may be a promising outcome of that initiative and MNBP may be interested in participating 

Three (3) new roll-off bins were purchased and front-load bins will no longer be used

Four (4) bins are needed at the St. Edmunds and Eastnor sites and three (3) bins at the Lindsay site

The change in waste disposal site hours of operation did not result in a reduction in overall wages

Those visiting/operating short term accommodation rentals generally would like more waste disposal site hours

Prices for scrap metal are currently low

2020 Cemeteries:

The cemetery caretaker contract expires on June 30, 2020 and an RFP is currently active 

The fee included in the budget for the caretaker contract is an estimate

2020 Doctor’s Centre:

No janitorial costs are included for the Lion’s Head Doctor’s Centre

2020 Tobermory Meeting Place:

The facility is heated by hydro, two (2) roof-top heating units with an electrical backup 

The building was constructed as a portable structure with limited wall and floor insulation

The heat pump can be used in various buildings 

A propane furnace is a heating option that would result in a cheaper initial cost, but a room would be lost at the facility to accommodate the furnace

The building is a well-used community hub and a long-term solution should be determined

2020 Parks and Recreation:

Discuss/clarify objectives of the Lion’s Head Marina and Campground including if Council’s goal is to maximize revenues

Mr. Deska’s consultations resulted in the comment that it is part of the culture of the area to have access to water and services like the Marina and Campground offered at a reasonable cost

Washroom trailers may be a good option for downtown Tobermory as they are more desirable than portable toilets, but are still moveable

Washroom trailers would allow a key location to be determined before investing in a permanent washroom building and can house about six (6) stalls and have hydro

Roof repairs and washroom upgrades are needed for the Friendship Club and a report will be coming to Council on this topic shortly, roof repairs are not currently included in the budget

2020 Tobermory Community Centre:

$90,000 is included in the budget for kitchen upgrades and the scale of the kitchen upgrades needs to be established

2020 Campground:

There are issues with high water and aluminum wire underground, the current electrical is a liability

Consequences of investing in electrical now versus later after a Harbour Plan is created 

The layout of the campground can be revisited and altered 

Erosion on waterfront sites may pose a concern 

Underground electrical wiring was repaired once last year but may need further repair

There is the option to rewire only certain areas at the cost of approximately $30,000

Campground revenues are not as high as anticipated 

Discuss what service brings the most joy to the greatest number of people

Mr. Deska to prepare a report for a subsequent Council Meeting regarding options for electrical repairs at the Campground 

Credit card charges are budgeted at $2,000 and there is a $1 charge per transaction

Mayor McIver advised that the Municipal Innovation Council (MIC) reached out to see if MNBP had any interest in joining the group and at that time, Council indicated that they would reply after budget deliberations. The MIC is currently involved in four (4) projects all with relevant topics.

Mr. Cameron stated that the Public Works Association informed him that they are obtaining a consultant to research high water in the area. He indicated that he will bring back a report regarding further information on this initiative.

Mr. Cameron is also to reach out to Saugeen Shores, Bruce County and Kincardine for contracts regarding GIS/IT funding. 

Due to timing, the balance of the 2020 Budget review will continue on Monday, March 9, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #07-02-2020 Seconded by D. Myles 

That Council receives Draft #1 of the 2020 Budget, as prepared and presented by Municipal staff; and

That upon consideration of any comments or input received from the review, Council directs staff to make the necessary revisions for Draft #2 to be presented on March 9, 2020. Carried 


There was no Other Business for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020. 


There is no Correspondence for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


Moved by L. Golden Resolution #07-03-2020 Seconded by J. Mielhausen 

THAT the following listed by-law be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:




There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 20-07, March 2, 2020.


Moved by M. Myles Resolution #07-04-2020 Seconded by J. Mielhausen 

THAT the meeting adjourns at 12:13 p.m.