Weekly dart players enjoy the fun and social time. You do not need to be a serious dart player to participate – even though Legion Member, Rod Quesnel, did throw a perfect 180 on January 16th.
Submitted by Peter Dodge, 
Public Relations Officer

What can you do, for activities, on the Northern Bruce, when we have a shortage of snow? Snowmobilers and cross country skiers are in deep depression! BUT you can go out every Monday and Thursday and play darts at the Lion’s Head Legion, a bit expensive at $2.00 per day! We are averaging 20 players each time, with Legion Members and public visitors. You do not need to be a serious player, just turn out for the fun and social (even though Legion Member, Rod Quesnel, did throw a perfect 180 on January 16th). Of course Euchre is also available each Friday and during Darts, if foursomes can be accumulated.

 Times of these activities are shown, in every edition, of this publication in the fun & games section.

Our next major activity will be the “sold out” Valentine Dinner on February 15th. During this event the Draw for the $1,000.00 and Silent Auction will take place. It is amazing the huge amount of donations for the Silent Auction that have been accumulated. ALL proceeds from the event, will be given to the Wheelchair Accessibility Fund, Washroom Extension.

There has been an unusual request, by phone, to a Legion Member for donations to a charitable organization. Following up with the OPP this turned out to be a bogus solicitation. Firstly, our Legion will never accept a request by telephone for help, only in writing to our Secretary. Legion Br 202 President Richard Smith, working with the OPP, Wiarton Branch, was informed to pass on any false claims with phone numbers etc., to their office.

Thursday February 5th both the Branch Executive and General Membership will meet, a new Member will be inducted into the Branch. During the meetings plans will be made for the Branch 2020 activities, which will include the April Officers nominations. 

We may be a small Branch but we are a very lively group, with the amazing support and involvement of our Auxiliary Ladies, we achieve the unachievable.

Applications for new Members are always welcome, remember, you do not need to be a Veteran to join, in reality only 25% of our Branch are Veterans.