Community Rallies to Rebuild Lion’s Head Lighthouse


Lion’s Head, Ontario – Efforts to rebuild the Lion’s Head Lighthouse are steadily moving forward, with a wealth of volunteers and donors chipping in to ensure the Lighthouse is standing tall and bright again next season.

 “The lighthouse is an important icon for our community and we’re doing our best to ensure we’re all able to enjoy it again next summer,” says Mayor Milt McIver. “The community support we’ve seen so far, through donations, fundraisers and volunteers, has been incredible to see. This lighthouse is truly being rebuilt by the community and we look forward to recognizing and celebrating these efforts in the weeks and months to come.”

In private donations, the municipality has received $6,000 to date which will go directly to help purchase materials for construction and to ensure the pier’s foundation is secure enough to hold the new, heavier lighthouse. A local quarry has offered to supply the stone and a local company has offered to underwrite the costs associated with adding steel supports to reinforce the structure. In addition to Brian Swanton and Doug Hill who have volunteered to spearhead the redesign efforts, 10 more community members have reached out offering to lend a hand during construction. There have also been a number of fundraising efforts emerge from local artists and musicians and you can find more information on those efforts, by visiting: 

With all this activity going on, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, meanwhile, is working to ensure the pier is structurally sound, and that the necessary approvals from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Coast Guard are granted before moving forward with construction. While there are a number of moving parts and unknowns that make this a complicated process, the team remains optimistic that the lighthouse will be rebuilt for the summer season.

For ongoing information and updates on the reconstruction process please follow our website or send us an email at