Volunteers Turnout for Cabot Head Work Party

Photo Credit: Sandra Howe Photo L-R: Volunteers Matthew Merrifield and Matt Gowland lend a helping hand.
Media Release

There was a great turnout for the November 30th Cabot Head work party. A substantial amount of work was completed which included cleaning up and reassembling the Keepers Cottage so that there is a place to prepare meals, gather, and warm up during future work days. The exterior of the lighthouse was winterized and secured. Special thanks to Gord Lawson of Dyers Bay for not only donating his contractors skills but also the materials used to cover the windows and doors.

Photo Credit: Sandra Howe Photo: Gord Lawson hard at work.

The museum artifacts that had been boxed away were spread out and sorted to begin work in the spring. A substantial water leak had caused damage on the second floor including a ceiling collapse and visible mold. This will have to be a priority once we start work in the spring.

The Friends of Cabot Head (FOCH) have applied to the Municipality for a Community Grant to help get up and running this spring and are optimistic they will be open in 2020. This is likely going to be on a limited basis; opening the property and lighthouse museum. There are a lot of factors to address including traffic concerns from Dyers Bay residents, our lease arrangement with the MNBP, the maintenance of the grounds after being closed for three season, repairs to the lighthouse interior, and reassembling the museum.

Photo Credit: Sandra Howe Photo L-R: Board members Mat Dwyer and Ina Toxopeus inventory remaining stock from our gift shop.

The board is very pleased that many more local residents are helping or expressing interest in helping. 

The Friends of Cabot Head Lighthouse Board of Directors are Ron Wheeler, Joanne Lamport, Gwen & Robert Rollinson, Will Meneray and Mat Dwyer. Ina Toxopeus is retiring from the board and will be greatly missed.