In the Garden: Hints From A Mrs Gardener – “Let’s Take Those Old Records Off the Shelf”

Submitted by Joan Regan

“Let’s take those old records off the shelf”. Listening to Bob Segar; let’s have some old time Rock & Roll. Records, CDs, Tapes – not a computer whiz here, so out comes the original originals. Music we LOVE will definitely put us in a better mood. Go for a walk, go for a drive, play your favorite tunes in the car, or just listen to the silence. Were are so fortunate to have so many country roads up here on the Peninsula, and gas is such a better price. Carpe Diem “Seize the day”. Make every day a good one, be positive, be safe.

Soon our gardens will be out in full bloom and the self isolating will be so much easier on our souls when we can sit in solitude – might enjoy it even more.

I don’t, as a rule, even touch my gardens till it starts to green up (learned that lesson years ago) . However, over here on our little corner there is always lots to do outside. Winters debris: twigs, branches, etc. go into the fire pit and out comes the rakes and brooms. Already have cleaned up around the house and started the driveway. If by chance you drive by our house and I am sweeping the road, just honk and wave. I’ll be ok… just a bit of “Self Isolating”.

This had to be the shortest winter for me – hard to believe that April is here. Gotta get the paths and our little sitting areas tidied and raked so we can get out the chairs; swept off, cushions out and it will be time to “self isolate”. Ready to be enjoying… just being “In The Garden”.

Be Safe Garden Friends,

Joni     [email protected] 519 596 2389