Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association 2019 Raffle Winners

Submitted by Mike Warkentin,
BPBA Volunteer

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association held the draw for their annual raffle on Thursday November 14th at 8:00pm in the Municipality Office. This year the winners were spread across Ontario. 

Pat Cameron of Dundas Ontario who has a cottage near Red Bay, was the grand prize winner of the $500 VISA Certificate. You may remember the Cameron name as she and Brian were winners last year of the lighthouse book case. 

I asked Pat when I met her to present the prize at the Ikea in Burlington “just what was her secret”? She said she values the BPBA as a charity for all the great work that they do and so she buys lots of tickets at multiple locations across the Bruce, thus supporting local businesses. She started with 5, then 10, then 15 and kept winning, so next year I joked we can expect 20! 

Laurel Coo of Kingston was the winner of the second prize, the Canvas print of Summers’s End taken by BPBA board member Mike Campbell. Laurel, if you are reading this, Laura Sagerman of the BPBA board has your print. 

Coosje Weber of Kitchener was the winner of the third prize Linocut “Raven’s End” by local artist Stuart Burgess, and is being guarded by Rod and Noreen Steinacher until the spring. 

Jan Yost of St. Mary’s was the winner of the Meade Lightbridge Telescope. Jan, bring it up to Bayside this summer and we can show you how to use it. 

Stephanie Wolfert of Ottawa won the Necklace, earrings and ring by local artist Susan Skaith, and Catherine Thorn or Toronto was the winner of 2 Eco Adventure Gift Certificates.

As everyone knows, the proceeds of the raffle go to educational efforts and training on environmental concerns as well as the Bayside Astronomy program. Proceeds this year helped to fund two Student Program Managers as well as a new telescope. 

Thanks go out to our local vendors who make the tickets available each summer, including Garden in Thyme, Foodland, The Dandy Lion, The FDI, the IDA, Wilson’s Hardware and Solway’s Farmers Market, as well as board members and friends of the BPBA.