Municipality Of Northern Bruce Peninsula Council Meeting Minutes November 12, 2019 SPECIAL MEETING – 2020 Community Funding


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt McIver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor Megan Myles, Councillor James Mielhausen 

STAFF PRESENT: Bill Jones, Chief Administrative Officer, Mary Lynn Standen, Clerk, Cathy Addison, Deputy Clerk, Tessa Swanton, Administrative Assistant, Teresa Shearer, Treasurer 


Mayor McIver called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest and general nature thereof that may arise during the course of the meeting.


Moved by L. Golden Resolution #34-01-2019 Seconded by M. Myles 

THAT the content of the agenda be approved as presented. 



There are no Minutes to adopt for Special Council Meeting No. 19-34, November 12, 2019.


There is no Public Meeting for Special Council Meeting No. 19-34, November 12, 2019.


 There is no Delegation for Special Council Meeting No. 19-34, November 12, 2019.


1. Treasury Department Report No. TR 19-31

RE: 2020 Community Funding

Mayor McIver stated that he appreciates the work of the various community groups noting that they play an important role in our community.

Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #34-02-2019 Seconded by D. Myles 

THAT Council receives Treasurer’s Report TR 19-31 regarding the 2020 Municipal Funding requests as information. 


2. 9:00 a.m.- Tobermory and District Chamber of Commerce- Neda Sarbakhsh and Bev Warren 

Ask: $49,500.00 and waiving of fees for the use of the Tobermory Community Centre

thanked Council for their ongoing support

interacts directly with visitors to the area and promotes the community

works with Parks Canada and redirects visitors 

assists visitors with paid parking questions/frustrations 

seeking 40% of the Tobermory Chamber and Ferndale Information Centre operating costs to be funded by the Municipality for the upcoming 2020 season

interested in implementing signage for photo opportunities in Tobermory similar to the sign at the Lion’s Head Harbour, but will wait until the proposed Lion’s Head Waterfront Plan is in place

Neda Sarbakhsh will be presenting the results of the Tobermory Harbour 2019 pilot project at the head of the harbour at a future Council meeting noting that a portion of the money being sought through the Community Funding application will be used for the pilot project

Two (2) budgets were presented (the second budget depicting costs associated with providing visitor services at the Ferndale Information Centre for the 2020 season)

Councillor Myles discussed options for the Tobermory Chamber and Ferndale Information Centre including hours of operation, the trend of financial constraints, making the best use of the funds and determining the best and most efficient way to provide information to visitors 

Councillor Golden expressed her appreciation for the work being done by the Tobermory Chamber frontline staff

Mayor McIver asked if the Tobermory Chamber had met with the Ferndale Information Centre staff to discuss turning over management of the Ferndale Information Centre to the Tobermory Chamber, to which Ms. Sarbakhsh indicated that they had yet to meet

3. 9:15 a.m.- The Meeting Place Tobermory- Noreen Steinacher 

Ask: $2,000.00 and waiving of fees for the use of the Tobermory Community Centre

Jace Weir and Jennifer Cuffe presented the funding request on behalf of The Meeting Place Tobermory

thanked Council for their continued support 

seeking funding to subsidize the Community Information and Resource Coordinator (CIRC) position, 23 hours/week 

the CIRC is dedicated to supporting residents who have financial difficulty(ies) by identifying available resources

in 2018/2019, the CIRC helped 87 individuals/families through hundreds of face-to-face visits

funding will also be used for the “Building Social Capital to Address Human and Economic Risks in a Seasonal Economy” project

Councillor Myles stated that The Meeting Place is a model community hub, does well at evaluating project successes and adapts to the needs of the community

Councillor Myles asked Mr. Weir and Ms. Cuffe if they had any insight on how to reduce poverty and increase social well-being in Northern Bruce Peninsula (NBP), to which Ms. Cuff said that the new project they will be undertaking will likely produce some beneficial insight 

Councillor Golden discussed the positive effects that an improvement to the employment insurance program would have on the community

Council briefly discussed employment insurance and Councillor Mielhausen suggested a future meeting with MP, Alex Ruff, to discuss this matter and the topic of Northern Ontario designation

Councillor Myles recommended collecting data from the unemployment office to determine trends 

Ms. Cuff informed that 72% of individuals she has assisted in 2018/2019 were seasonally unemployed 

4. Lion’s Head Skating Club- Rhonda Lawrence 

Ask: $2,000.00 and waiving of fees for the use of the Lion’s Head Community Centre

The Lion’s Head Skating Club representative did not attend the meeting 

5. 9:31 a.m.- The Lion’s Tail- Dan Cassel 

Ask: $1,000.00 and the waiving of fees for the use of the Lion’s Head Community Centre

provided a brief background on The Lion’s Tail, including that it is a tourism initiative offering a premier destination motorcycle route across the Bruce Peninsula

The Lion’s Tail has been featured on various radio stations and has an abundant Facebook following 

money raised from the annual ride was donated in 2019 to the five (5) school breakfast clubs located on the Bruce Peninsula 

the requested funds are needed to continue The Lion’s Tail initiative and the use of the Lion’s Head Arena is being requested for the vendor fair and dance proposed to take place after the ride 

in response to an inquiry from Councillor Myles, Mr. Cassel advised that participants are travelling from all over Ontario to attend the event

brief discussion ensued in regards to the cost associated with waiving the fees for use of the Lion’s Head Arena 

6. 9:39 a.m.- Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory – Mary Houston

Ask: $2,000.00

Ms. Houston, Treasurer for the Bird Observatory, indicated that they are one of 26 national bird migration monitoring sites in Canada and has banded a total of 56,208 birds since 2002

there is a staff station scientist who works for the Bird Observatory as well as a part-time contractor 

funding initiatives undertaken include annual dinner fundraisers, grant applications, membership fees and the Stewardship Program

funds would be used to upgrade power sources as frequent power outages are experienced

Ms. Houston listed the many projects that have recently been undertaken, such as the sewage system replacement, fixing the roof leak, front porch replacement on the cottage and potential water damage due to the increasingly high-water lake levels

Councillor Myles spoke on the importance of the Bird Observatory and requested a report be brought back to Council on their work 

Ms. Houston indicated that she would prepare a report and invited Council to visit the Bird Observatory and witness some banding of the birds 

further discussion ensued in regards to some expenses presented, specifically the Progressive Results Group expense 

7. 9:52 a.m.- Bruce Peninsula Family Centre – Katherine Crivea 

Ask: $20,500.00 and the waiving of fees for the use of the Lion’s Head Community Centre

Ms. Crivea, Supervisor of the Bruce Peninsula Family Centre, stated that she is proud of the centre and the long-term employees who are staying committed to the work even though they offer the lowest wages in Bruce County in this area of work

all staff are qualified or working towards their Early Childhood Education qualifications 

the centre is aiming to act as an extension of the family/home rather than as a daycare centre 

large amounts of fundraising are undertaken by the volunteer Board of Directors

requesting the use of the Lion’s Head Arena as a rain location for the annual Street Dance 

receives grant money from Bruce County for specific projects 

want to encourage more young families to the area

funds from Bruce County were used in 2019 for the installation of a new fence around the play yard which now meets Ministry standards

wants to purchase shade sails and/or construct a pergola structure due to the lack of shade in the play yard, lack of shade limits the amount of outside time the children get during the warmer months

thanked the Municipality for support 

Council discussed funding options, including Bruce County grants for the shade project and allocation of funds donated by Caframo 

Ms. Crivea advised that the By-law Officer requested that the shipping container be removed from the property as it is not permitted, to which Councillor Myles suggested that the Zoning By-law be revisited

Council and Ms. Crivea discussed childcare subsidy options for families who qualify 

Councillor Myles recommended that resources be shared between the Lion’s Head and Tobermory child care centres, when possible 

Ms. Crivea indicated that her Program Advisor suggested expanding and partnering with Bruce Peninsula District School (BPDS) in order to house more school aged children during the summer months as registration is always full, however there is extensive work that would be required in order to obtain the necessary licencing 

8. 10:17 a.m.- Pike Bay Community Association- Debbie Dover 

Ask: $2,000.00

Debbie Dover, President of the Pike Bay Community Association, thanked Council for their ongoing support 

Provided a brief background of Pike Bay and the Association, including that Pike Bay is the most southerly community in Northern Bruce Peninsula and the Pike Bay Community Centre is owned and operated by volunteers 

the aging building has posed challenges, the current challenges being faced relate to the well, water heater and underground plumbing 

the centre hosts many activities for locals and visitors, such as tai chi, crochet classes, euchre and a variety of workshops

the Association has a membership of over 120 families who fundraise to help fund the annual Canada Day Fireworks display and costs associated with the daily operation of the centre

Ms. Dover encouraged Council to follow their Facebook page to keep informed on the activities the Association is offering 

9. 10:23 a.m.- Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce Inc.- Peter Reid 

Ask: $2,000.00

Crime Stoppers has been in operation for around thirty (30) years

the grant will be used for ongoing operational expenses 

operating expenses are paid through fundraising initiatives 

the Provincial government funds after hour telephone answering services only

reserves are depleting, therefore starting to approach municipalities for funding

Councillor Myles questioned whether the OPP are assisting Crime Stoppers 

the OPP has yet to replace the full-time officer they provided to Crime Stoppers; this has placed more strain on the sole Crime Stoppers employee to perform duties for both positions

Councillor Golden noted that there is the perception that Crime Stoppers is funded, however it is evident that they are operating on their own fundraising dollars

10. Peninsula Bruce Trail Club- Grant Ehrhardt 

Ask: $5,000.00

the Bruce Trail Club did not attend the meeting

11. 10:30 a.m.- Lion’s Head Promotions Group- Marydale Ashcroft 

Ask: $2,000.00 and the waiving of fees for the use of the Rotary Hall

Marydale Ashcroft listed the projects the group organizes: advertising for the Canada Day and Homecoming Weekend events, Canada Day Parade, Community Potluck, Sandcastle Contest, Christmas pipe and drum band, printing of downtown walking maps, Canada flags in downtown core (need to be replaced in 2020) and flowers for planters

collaborated with the Biosphere Association to have the Lion’s Head Promotion Group’s walking map included in the Biosphere’s Eco Adventure Guide

hired Zach Rogers to make videos of Lion’s Head

has a $100 membership fee to belong to the Promotions Group each year

donated $750.00 to fund the salad bad at BPDS for one month

donated new tricycles to the kindergarten class at BPDS (from Harbourside Music proceeds)

donated funds to the Golden Dawn Senior Citizens Home for day trips and may look at donating to the Bruce Peninsula Family Centre in 2020

Ms. Ashcroft expressed interest in a dog park in Lion’s Head and advised of certain sidewalks that need replaced for safety reasons

Councillor Myles commended the group on their collaboration with the Biosphere Association

Councillor Myles and Ms. Ashcroft briefly discussed the process of adding Municipal facilities to the (Tourist Town) website, possible locations for a dog park and the Public Works Department’s process of determining priority for sidewalk replacement 

Mayor McIver asked Ms. Ashcroft how the group earns revenues, to which Ms. Ashcroft advised that revenues are gathered through membership fees and Harbourside Music donations

12. 10:46 a.m.- Central Peninsula Sno-Drifters- Jim Sauve 

Ask: $1,500.00 and the waiving of fees for the use of the Lion’s Head Community Centre

interested in the Municipality focusing more on winter tourism initiatives 

need funds in order to make a connection to the snowmobile trail for Stokes Bay residents and visitors, requires a new trail to be constructed for this purpose 

short term accommodations, motels and restaurants being open year-round promotes winter tourism 

requesting fees to be waived for the use of the Lion’s Head Arena August 29th, 2020 for a dance

Councillor Myles was in agreement with Mr. Sauve regarding supporting and promoting a diverse year-round economy and being ready to meet visitors with experiences

13. 10:42 a.m.- Tobermory Snowmobile Club- Jim Sauve 

Ask: $1,500.00

requesting funds for brushing of the Tobermory snowmobile trail

holds an annual poker run and helps the County during hazardous household waste day

14. 10:52 a.m.- Tobermory Firefighters Association- Laura McFarlane 

Ask: $1,500.00 and the waiving of fees for the use of the Tobermory Community Centre

the Tobermory Winter Carnival is approaching its sixth year in 2020

there is no cost to attend and many events take place throughout the day, such as face painting, a magic show, guided snow shoe hikes, crafts, book sale, snowmobile rides and more

requesting funding for entertainment costs 

attracts visitors to the area in the winter months

Councillor Myles commented on the great community collaboration that occurs leading up to and during this event 

Councillor Golden mentioned that the carnival taking place on Family Day weekend draws more visitors to the area 

15. 10:57 a.m.- Woodlands Recreation Association- Dianne Thomson 

Ask: $2,000.00

had previously requested that the Municipality be the lead applicant in a Trillium Foundation Grant application for the Woodlands Recreation Association

looking to apply for charitable organization status, acquire insurance coverage and have signage made for trail entrances 

confident in the support from the community towards the construction of the trail

Councillor Myles asked Ms. Thomson what she anticipates the membership costs to be, Ms. Thomson estimated $10 for a family membership and insurance/maintenance costs to be approximately $600-700.00 annually

16. 11:02 a.m.- Lion’s Head United Church- Sharon Winegarden 

Ask: $1,200.00

requesting funding for the Lion’s Head labyrinth, a circular outdoor pathway for locals and visitors to walk around and enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment 

the labyrinth will be maintained by members of the church and is estimated to cost $4,000-5,000

17. 11:07 a.m.- Friends of Cabot Head (FOCH) – Ron Wheeler 

Ask: $2,000.00 and the use of the Council Chambers at the Municipal Office

all materials are currently boxed up in one room as requested by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)

want to focus on opening the Cabot Head Museum and operate three (3) days a week staffed by volunteers

need to repair and repaint the walls, catalogue items, purchase a laptop and Past Perfect software, plaque historical photographs, add additional artifacts and displays, plaster and paint tools for lighthouse and repair interactive dioramas 

Funds have been depleted from the temporary closing of the site

Mayor McIver requested an update on where the Friends of Cabot Head (FOCH) are at with their projects

Mr. Wheeler advised that he wrote an email to the coastguard expressing frustration with how long the work has taken, he informed that the work should be finished in a few months

the FOCH are working on a new business plan to be presented to Council as well as looking into partnership opportunities 

Councillor Myles stated that Council has yet to have a discussion on plans for the Cabot Head Lighthouse including renewing the agreement with FOCH

Councillor Myles said that is it difficult to support an agreement renewal without a long-term financial plan as that site requires incredible resources 

Mr. Wheeler indicated that this is the first step to reopening the site

18. 11:23 a.m.- Tobermory Primary Place Daycare- Gillian Ceaser 

Ask: $10,000.00

the daycare loses about $10,000.00 annually when operating year-round 

a benefit to year-round operation is access to programs offered though Bruce County, such as speech and behavioural therapy

important that families have access to childcare all year as there are families with full-time jobs residing in the community

costs to operate are rising and enrollment is declining; however, the daycare is profitable and full during the summer months 

a flood was experienced last year which resulted in an unexpected expenditure to replacing $5,000.00 worth of appliances

during the flood, the daycare had to move to St. Edmund’s Public School and hire another staff member during that time 

Mayor McIver asked Mrs. Ceaser as to the capacity of the daycare to which she replied that they have 54 children in the summer and 12 children in the winter 

Councillor Golden stated that the daycare is one of the most important facilities and it should be a Council priority to support the daycare

in response to Mayor McIver, Mrs. Ceaser informed that they fundraise about $15,000.00 each year 

Councillor Myles mentioned the concept of shared administration options for the Lion’s Head and Tobermory Centres 

19. 11:34 a.m.- Bruce Peninsula Hospice Inc. – Nancy Forgrave 

Ask: $1,000.00

serving since 1995 and has made over 1,000 visits with the need for service growing 

four (4) new volunteers will be joining 

visits in the home, long term care facilities and hospitals 

Ms. Forgrave shared some quotes from those receiving care and support services

NBP has a large percentage of the population over 65 years of age

developed and distributed the Stepping Stones book

created and distributed a survey regarding what residents need/want in order to stay in NBP

Councillor Myles asked Ms. Forgrave if she could share the survey results with Council 

20. 11:42 a.m.- Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association- Graham Thomas 

Ask: $2,000.00

requesting funding for the Bayside Astronomy Program

volunteers and summer students run the program while educating the public on the importance of dark sky communities 

over 17,000 people have experienced the program

funds are raised through their raffle program, Eco Adventures and summer student grants 

Mayor McIver inquired on the attendance to Bayside Astronomy to which Mr. Thomas indicated that 100-120 people attend each night on average 

Councillor Myles suggested that Council consider removing the $2,000.00 cap for Municipal funding requests so that applicants are required to generate a sound argument for a specific ask

Councillor Myles asked Mr. Thomas if he had any idea of how to better increase the economic impact of the program

Mr. Thomas noted that there have been some “dark sky” merchandise sales, which were not expected and the program can be offered during the shoulder seasons to increase tourism at those times 

21. Requests for Waiving of Fees 

The following requests for the waiving of fees at municipal facilities were deferred. 

Beverly Warren- Community Potlucks

Brenda Kearney- Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary- Hospital Auxiliary Garage Sale

Deryn E Harkness- Northern Bruce Walkers

Ferndale, Lion’s Head and District Lioness- Lioness Fundraisers

Joan Garner- Tobermory Coffee Club

Lakewood Preservation Partnership Non Profit Corporation

Men’s Breakfast

Mike Marshall- Top of the Bruce Wood Carvers

Peninsula Adventure Sports Association (not for profit organization)

Tobermory United Church

VON Grey Bruce SMART Exercise and Falls Prevention Program

Women’s Information Network, Tobermory- Luncheons

Moved by M. Myles Resolution #34-03-2019 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT Council defers consideration of Agenda Items #21-23 in regards to Municipal funding requests to the November 18, 2019 Special Council meeting.


22. Requests for $500 and Under 

The following requests for $500 and under were deferred. 

Badge of Life Canada Registered Charity- Lynne Rusk

Bruce Peninsula Co-op Gallery- Nicole Gamble

Bruce Peninsula District School- Breakfast Club

Bruce Peninsula District School Cafeteria- Nicole Gamble

Keep the Bruce Clean and Green- Deryn E Harkness

St. Edmunds Public School- Sandra Paccanaro

St. John Ambulance- Grey Bruce Huron Branch

The Bruce Peninsula Art Show- Sue Dyment

Tobermory Community Gardens Group- Jacqui Wakefield

Tobermory Health Services Auxiliary- Rob Davis

Tobermory Tennis and Pickleball Club- Rob Davis

Wiarton and District Agricultural Society- Lacey Thompson

23. Requests for $500 and Under and Waiving of Fees 

The following requests for $500 and under and the waiving of fees at Municipal facilities were deferred. 

Bruce County Country Fest- Brooklyn Hewton

Bruce Peninsula Minor Hockey Association

Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists- Nicole Gamble

Halloween Spooktacular- Sue Dawson

Lion’s Head Minor Softball- Carrie Thompson

Making Waves Festival- Lorraine Campbell and Wendy Perkes

The Community Support Committee- Sharron Colter

Tobermory Legion Ladies Auxiliary Br 290


Council discussed the Special Council Meeting on November 18, 2019, specifically the inclusion of Parks Canada in the discussion. Mr. Jones was instructed to advise Parks Canada Superintendent, John Haselmayer, that he is welcome to attend and listen into the discussion at the meeting.


1. Lindsay Miller de Malmanche- Miller’s Family Camp- letter of support in regards to Bayside Astronomy’s community grant application

Moved by D. Myles Resolution #34-04-2019 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT the correspondence be received for information, as printed and circulated.



Moved by M. Myles Resolution #34-05-2019 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT the following listed by-laws be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:




There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 19-34, November 12, 2019.


There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 19-34, November 12, 2019.


Moved by M. Myles Resolution #34-05-2019 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT the meeting adjourns at 12:06 p.m.