By Marianne Wood

The Federal election results for Northern Bruce Peninsula continue to see a Conservative hold in our area. Northern Bruce election results are broken down into 11 polls from Pike Bay to Tobermory plus 2 Advance polls (1 each from Lion’s Head and Tobermory).

Total votes from all polls in Northern Bruce Peninsula, including advance polls were:

Conservative – 1080 votes

Liberal – 813 votes

Green Party – 262 votes

NDP – 249 votes

People’s Party – 61 votes

Libertarian – 9 votes

2 Poll locations in the Tobermory, St Edmunds area, as well as the advanced poll in Tobermory, saw the Liberal votes pull ahead slightly – 264 total votes for Liberal to 253 votes for Conservative. Most notably was poll #1 in Tobermory where Liberal votes outweighed Conservatives 70 to 55.

Advanced poll totals for Lion’s Head & Lindsay showed strong Conservative support; 352 votes to 181 for Liberal.