The Tobermory Housing Committee were pleased to welcome two MNBP Councillors and the Mayor to their recent meeting. L-R: Mayor Milt McIver, Councillor Smokey Golden, Brad Inglis, Jennifer Cuffe, Frank Burns, Councillor Megan Myles, and Linda Godhue.
Submitted by Brad Inglis

The Tobermory Housing Committee has been in operation for more than 10 years looking at some planning for addition mixed rental housing within Tobermory. This group has been re-engaged as the result of the situation at Happy Hearts Campground. 

We are eager to investigate possible new money through the province and federal government that may become available in 2020. 

We were thrilled to have councillors Megan Myles, Smokey Golden and Mayor Milt McIver attend this meeting to join in conversation about future plans. 

If you are interested in joining this committee as we look to future rental housing possibilities in Tobermory, please contact Brad Inglis at 519-596-2394 or email 

Also, if you are interested in placing your name on a list of potential candidates for future rental housing, please pass your name along to Brad for future consideration and interest. This will help us identify what the demand will be for future rental housing.

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In an interview with BPP, Councillor Smokey Golden states that the municipality is unlikely to be able to intervene in time to affect the closure of the trailer park at Happy Hearts. She hopes that the municipality can work together with Tobermory’s Housing Committee to create affordable housing in the medium term. She notes that provincial grant programs favour projects which are shovel-ready, especially those which offer municipal water and sewer connections.