Lioness Roadside Clean-up

L-R: Lioness volunteers Carol Phillips, Donna Rocca, Lindsey de Malmanche, Jackie Souter, Donna Dowding, Sandy Walsh, Lynne Atchison, and Bev Miller.

Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness members took time to do a road clean-up on Highway 6 during October. 

On a pleasant day the crew worked between Everatt Sideroad and Cherry Hill Road, picking up nine bags of garbage and two bags of alcohol bottles in just over one hour. Also found was a large dead Snapping Turtle, a Painted Turtle shell and a Praying Mantis egg case. 

At their request, Lindsay de Malmanche, the crew leader, undertook to report to MTO how much garbage was picked up. Such a shame that we still have people around who throw out garbage along our highways.