A Fall Line-up of Activities at The Meeting Place Tobermory

Submitted by Noreen Steinacher

Here we are post Thanksgiving and many seasonal workers who are residents are looking to the late fall with a bit more time to do things around the community.

There is a lot to do. While the community gardeners worked together last Sunday to do a final harvest and put the gardens to bed for the winter, the day was warm and sunny at the Tobermory Community Park, 20 Centennial Drive. There are picnic tables still out and skatepark, dog park and outdoor fitness equipment are all there, free for the community to enjoy.

Indoors at The Meeting Place, some enthusiastic people using the mini gym are also offering to organize fitness groups for people to work out together. No cost here and the social support is great for one’s motivation. Information is being posted on facebook and our website. 

Sharing Dance Seniors Returns

Sharing Dance Seniors is starting up again with a choice of 2 session times; Wednesdays at 9:30am starting Oct 30th and Fridays at 10:30am starting Nov 1st. Please call in advance if you are interested in this 8-week gentle dance fitness program. And it’s free. If you want to see what’s going on just drop in.

Building Social Capital? You bet!

We are also starting a new project called ‘Building Social Capital to address Human and Economic Risks in a Seasonal Economy’. Sounds complicated but it’s not. We are looking for interested people to join the project who self identify as seasonal workers. If you are curious and comfortable working in a small group with like-minded people we’ll fill you in on the rest. There will be an honorarium for those participating in the project. Call The Meeting Place at 519-596-2313 and leave your name and number.

Sheatre Performance Dec 5th

And finally, here is a different event to mark in your calendars for December 5th at 1:30pm at TMP. Sheatre, ‘play for change’ from Owen Sound is putting on a performance called, “Ya Canna Throw Yer Granny Off a Bus” – a humorous and enlightened play with music that looks at some serious issues. I’ll hold the punch line and say look for more information in the next issue of the Press. There will also be a special opening act. Not everything this December is about Christmas.