2019 Washerfest Champs Bill McNair (right), and newcomer Lindsay Forbes (left).
Submitted by Cheryl Hewton

The rain came early and cooled the playing field and set us for a great weather day. We started with 24 players at 6 boxes playing with a partner for individual scores. For the first time in 15 years we got in a full 10 rounds even with many hydration breaks. It was a great mix of seasoned players and newcomers. 

After refueling our washer players with dinner and a break for cake and song to celebrate Nicole Mielhausen’s 19th birthday, we returned to begin the finals. 

Teams were determined by selecting the top 8 women scores and randomly pairing them with the top 8 scoring men. This started the quarter finals with teams of Bev & Delbert Richardson vs Colleen Martindale & Tyler Hewton, Jessica Reid & Mark Hewton vs Brooklyn Hewton & Aman Sohrab, Pat Forbes & Lynn Robins vs Carrie Bennett & Spencer Bennett, Bill McNair & Lindsay Forbes vs Shirley Teasdale & Elijah McNair. With random pairing, we had a lot of family matches to increase the tension for the 2019 finals. The first game was a sudden death to 21. 

The semi-finals saw the strong teams pull ahead setting up the next round of tough competition. Mark & Jessica vs. Tyler & Colleen and Carrie & Spencer vs. Bill & Lindsay. This set was the best of 3 games to 21 to earn a prestigious spot in the finals vying for the trophy.

2019 Washerfest consolidation champs Tyler Hewton (right) and Colleen Martindale (left).

Before the finals began we had a toss off for the Men’s Cup Champ. Again this year we had a tie. The 3-way tie was decided by a toss off with the first ringer taking the win. Our three men with nine ringers were Delbert Richardson, Aman Sohrab and Tyler Hewton. Tyler clinched the Men’s Cup Champion after several tosses. The Women’s Cup Champ was won by newcomer Joanne Bates with 4 ringers.

High score trophies went to Bev Richardson with 166 and Bill McNair with 208. The Bringing up the rear awards went to Cheryl Hewton for the ladies and Ken Teasdale for the Men. 

The finals were hard fought but in the end, for the first time in many years, the Hewton name was not on the final trophy. The 2019 con-champs were Tyler Hewton & Colleen Martindale, crowning Bill McNair, one of the original washer players, and newcomer Lindsay Forbes as the 2019 Washer champs. This was the first time in our 15 years Bill has taken home the big trophy and he was thrilled. Lindsay was just as happy to capture it on her first event.

We thank our newcomers and our regular participants for joining us and look forward to our 16th annual Washerfest in 2020.