Letter: Staff Shortage at Long Term Care Facility on Bruce Peninsula


The Golden Dawn Nursing Home in Lion’s Head is currently dealing with a critical shortage of workers. We need to do something about it now!The workers we have are dedicated, caring people that do all they can possibly do in one shift. The residents that we have deserve to have proper care and right now, the way the system is working, that is not possible. All staff are doing more than their normal work to keep up with the care these residents require. 

A lot of these residents are from the Bruce Peninsula and want to be able to live out their lives without anxiety; they need someone to care for their needs and someone to smile at them every day and say it will be a good day. Right now we are struggling as caregivers to accomplish this without burning out ourselves emotionally and physically, but it is getting harder every day. 

It is a struggle to find Personal Support Workers (PSWs), dietary workers, maintenance, laundry and housekeeping to come to work for this home and stay due to its location and the many residents that need a lot of assistance. 

As time goes on, we are getting into mental illness, etc. on top of being elderly which makes our jobs a lot harder. 

Workers that come to the Bruce for jobs have nowhere to live in Lion’s Head, so they have to drive from a long distance. We need to fix this situation and make housing available to out-of-town workers, especially in the winter months. We currently have workers from Toronto and it is very difficult to find them accommodation in the area. 

Maybe opening up a boarding house for out-of-town workers would alleviate this problem.

This shortage of workers needs to be addressed immediately. 

As a Bruce Peninsula resident, I am so saddened to see our elderly not have the care that they deserve after a long life of living. They need to relax and not stress over anything in their life while in long-term care. 

Please help us look after the residents of the Bruce Peninsula.

Julie Wardrop