Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula Early August News

Some Rotarian grandchildren were on hand to help feed the hungry crowd at the Civic Holiday “Rotary Big Breakfast”. The perfect weather and delicious food drew 475 hungry people out to support Rotary.
Submitted by Jim Dilamarter


Rotary sends a big ‘thank you’ to all who attended our Civic Holiday Weekend Breakfast at the Beach. The weather was perfect, the crowd was awesome, and the food, from all reports, was the best ever. Four hundred and seventy five (475) attended that breakfast and all seemed very happy with the food and the location. We had lots of help including some Rotarian grandchildren and our two new Rotarians Paul Cinanni and Catherine Henderson.
It was a big weekend in the Northern Bruce with lots going on in the area. We hope you will plan to join us again next year as well.
BUT, REMEMBER, THERE IS STILL ONE MORE ‘BIG BREAKFAST’ THIS YEAR. On Labour Day Weekend, Sunday September 1st to be exact, we host our final breakfast of the summer at the Beach. We will have the same great food and the same wonderful setting. Come and enjoy a great time!

It was a great crowd on the Sunday morning of Rotary’s “Big Breakfast”.
District Governor Tony Sheard (right) welcomes new Rotarians, Catherine ‘Cat’ Henderson (left) and Paul Cinanni (centre) at their induction ceremony.


The Rotary Club has an establishment licence for the Rotary Hall and runs bars as requested for the community. This is both a convenience to the community and a way of raising funds to support community projects for Rotary. All of our bartenders are ‘Smart Serve’ certified and we are able to handle bars of any size.
This past month we have been very busy. A Theatre Company from the University of Windsor under the leadership of Lionel Walsh came to Lion’s Head and asked us to provide a bar at each of their productions of ‘Salt Water Moon‘. There were seven productions in all. We did not sell a lot of alcohol but we provided a service to the community and that, alone, is a great reward to us. Rotarians were on duty all seven events of the production. We expect this company to be back again next year as they were pleased with the response from those attending and we were all pleased with the events.
Naturally, we like it when we have a ‘large’ bar which gives us more profits to continue our community programs and activities but we have, many times, run small events for a club or organization just to provide a service to them and help them serve the community.
Looking ahead we have a bar at the arena in mid August to run as well as a reception at the same venue later that month. We have an endorsement that permits us to serve at any Municipal facility. Most of our bars are done at the Rotary Hall where it is more convenient for us but we are willing, if you need us, to go to other facilities and serve you rather than you trying to get a Special Occasion Permit. We are licensed, insured, and qualified. At all of our events food must be available.
We have our licence in order to help raise funds for the community and to provide, at the same time, a service to those who need us. If you are interested in our services, please call us and leave a message at 519 793 4040. However, we do not do events in private homes.


Many will remember the great fish dinners held for years in Barrow Bay by the Barrow Bay and District Sports Fishing Association. They were always SELL OUTS and tickets were in great demand. There hasn’t been such a dinner in a while but now THE FISH DINNER IS BACK.
It will be held at the Lion’s Head Arena on September 7th. The Lioness will do the food, the Fish Club will provide the fish and help cook it, and the Rotary Club will do the bar. ALL FUNDS WILL GO TO THE GREY BRUCE HEALTH SERVICE MRI CAMPAIGN. We hope you can attend.

There are many of us who attended these events for years and we know just how great they can be. Now, come and bring your friends. Tickets are available through Captain Jerry Greig of Rotary or members of the Fish Club and the Lioness Club.